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Eldrac was an Inhuman politician for a minor faction. When the Universal Inhumans unified, he became irrelevant, and his Terrigenesis transmorfed him into a huge architectural-like being with the ability to transport other people from one place to another inter-dimensionally via his mouth.[1]

Eldrac whose body was built into the heart of Attilan itself, became the main transport for all Inhumans from the city to any desired location.

Eldrac transports everyone off of Attilan

Infinity and Aftermath

During the invasion of Attilan by Thanos and his Black Order, Blackbolt and his brother Maximus instructed Eldrac to transport every citizen of Attilan out of the city, including Eldrac himself in order to set off the Terrigen Bomb.[3]

Eldrac the Door

Eldrac was lost, along with the remaining members of the Inhumans as they were scattered across the globe according to Gorgon who teleported to Medusa, who currently resided at Avengers Tower.[2]

Medusa and her aide Elejea were summoned to Battery Park by numerous S.H.I.E.L.D. agents as they found Eldrac alive in the debris after the clean-up effort. Medusa spoke with him trying to determine what happened, so she asked Eldrac if he could transport her to where her husband Blackbolt would be. Eldrac then opened his mouth, and Medusa walked through.[4]

Inhuman/X-Men War

Later, during the Inhuman and X-Men war, Inferno and Iso used Eldrac to teleport away from Wolverine, who was chasing them at the time.[5]

Powers and Abilities


Interdimensional Teleportation: Through the process of the Terrigenesis, Eldrac possesses the ability to use his enlarged mouth as an archway for people to travel through from one location to another on the planet, or to different dimensions.[6]

It is unknown if Eldrac can teleport people through time.[7]

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