Eldred was a dark wizard who lived in an old castle. He encountered Loki when he was in a dungeon. After doing so, he trained Loki in the dark arts. Due to Loki's lineage he was a prodigy in magic, and as a child he surpassed Eldred's powers. Seeing no use for him, Loki killed him when he made a pact with Surtur and he became the first of many to die at Loki's hands. After Eldred's death, Loki absorbed his former mentor's powers as part of the pact, multiplying his own power. [1]

Loki's reincarnation remembered these events somewhat differently: that Eldred had been imprisoned in Odin's dungeons for an unknown crime, and that as a child Loki had brought him food and water in exchange for learning magic; but that he had been so engrossed in his new abilities that by the time he remembered Eldred the sorcerer had starved to death.[2]

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