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Eleanides was the elected ruler of the Federated Settlers of Torfa, refugees who had been relocated to that planet after their homeworlds had been destroyed by the Builders. She sent Tic to Earth in order to get help when facing an illness which struck numerous citizens, as the Galactic Council wanted to evacuate and leave the ill behind. Tic returned with the Avenger Captain Marvel, who offered help with helping Torfa, even though Eleanides was expecting medical assistance.[1]

Eleanides later tried to convince King J'Son of Spartax to help them, but he instead gave her three days to prepare for an evacuation of one thousand of the youngest and healthiest settlers while those who would be left on Torfa were to be killed by Spartax forces.[2]

As she was preparing evacuation, Captain Marvel informed Eleanides that she had discovered that the Haffensye had been smuggling Vibranium from Torfa for the Spartax Empire, and that it was its secret extraction by some of the Sentimault that was causing the illness. Eleanides wanted to have a word with the Spartax, but they had arrived at Torfa in order to arrest the refugees. Captain Marvel tried to intervene, but Eleanides asked her to stay out of the situation.[3]

As she was being taken into custody, a riot started. Eleanides tried to convince the Spartax envoy there to let her call J'Son, but she was refused. The upcoming Spartax fleet was intercepted by Captain Marvel, who decided to stay and fight. Eleanides came up with a plan to ruin J'Son's plans. She ordered Captain Marvel to destroy the Vibranium mines that Bee had found.

With the mines destroyed, J'Son threatened to destroy Torfa. However, Tic had hijacked one of the Haffensye ships she had infiltrated and used their networked system to make J'Son's threat be heard across every place where the Haffensye were; almost the entire galaxy. This action forced the Spartax to retreat, and with the mines destroyed, Torfa was no longer going to be poisonous.[4]

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