While searching through the Forbidden Forest in New Guinea, Red She-Hulk discovered a ancient temple, while inside she discovered a very old but very advanced computer. The computer took her Big Sword but informed her the Terrasystem Data Receiver was Eleanor Bennett. Wanting nothing more then her favorite sword back, Red She-Hulk transformed back in to Betty Ross and went searching for Eleanor.[citation needed]

She found her in her Annapolis home, but when she questioned her she learned nothing, as Eleanor rarely speaks. But when Betty went to leave she touched Eleanor and got a vision of the future. This unauthorized use of Eleanor's abilities initiated a trap door and Betty fell into a tunnel, leaving Eleanor to play with her blocks in silence. A while later, Betty returned to Eleanor, now with permission for Nikola Tesla, one of Eleanor's caretakers. Betty touches Eleanor once again and learned that the future was worse then before. Betty left Eleanor, this time on her own accord but shortly Machine Man, who was tracking Red She-Hulk, discovered Eleanor's home. When Machine Man talked to Eleanor, she responded. Once he touched her he was uploaded into the Terranometer and communicated with it. When Machine Man was kicked out of the Terranometer, he asked Eleanor to let him back in, but she responded with no, she was too tired. This gave Machine Man the lead he needed and he took his leave. Later when Betty and Machine Man return to Eleanor's home they found it destroyed. The firemen told them no one was inside. This left Betty and Machine Man to wonder if Eleanor was taken to protect her or to keep her powers from them.[citation needed]


  • Technopathy: Eleanor can receive and process the information from the World Computer.
  • Precognition

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