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Eleanor Bishop is the wealthy sociality mother of Kate Bishop. Her husband Derek was killed during the Chitauri invasion of New York in 2012, which pushed 12-year old Kate to learn archery, acrobatics, and martial arts.[1] Given Derek owed a fortune to Wilson Fisk, Eleanor started working with the Kingpin, and continued to be an associate of his even after erasing the debt.[2]

In late December of 2024 Kate returned home to New York only to learn that her mother was engaged to her boyfriend Jack Duquesne at a charity gala which Eleanor asked her daughter to attend. During the party Eleanor was seen arguing with Jack's uncle Armand by her daughter. The event was attacked by the Tracksuit Mafia while Armand was found dead in his home later that night.[1]

The next morning Kate got late for work at Bishop Security and Eleanor asked her to have a dinner with her and Jack that evening. Kate was acting suspicious of Jack, eventually challenging him to a round of fencing.[3]

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