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The woman now known as the Nanny was once a scientist employed by the Right in the field of cyborg technology. When she learned of the Right's anti-mutant agenda, she, being a mutant herself, tried to stop them from using her work. As she failed and was captured, the Right sealed her in one of her cyborg designs, an egg-shaped armored suit in an attempt to enslave her. Though she escaped their custody, the ordeal unbalanced her to borderline insanity. At some later date, she rescued a young mutant named Peter from the clutches of Mister Sinister, crafted a battle suit for him, and christened him the Orphan-Maker. She also obtained (possibly self-manufactured) high-tech weaponry and a flying craft.[7]

Nanny and her Orphan-Maker became a pair of would-be saviors of mutant children, with Nanny as the brains and guiding force and Orphan-Maker as the brawn.[8] In her mentally addled perception, Nanny believes that parents of mutant children are evil, especially those who abandon their children, or at the very least incompetent and ill-equipped to properly raise and protect young mutants from danger and exploitation. She and Orphan-Maker travelled the world, searching for young mutants to take care of, murdering their parents to sever any family connections, and using her minor telepathic powers to control her new charges.[9] Nanny dubbed these children her "Lost Boys and Girls", after the Lost Boys from the story of Peter Pan; in her psychosis, Nanny had developed a near-obsession with children's tales and nursery rhymes, often quoting passages from them appropriate (in her mind) to the situation at hand.[10]

Eleanor Murch (Earth-616) and Orphan-Maker (Peter) (Earth-616) from Slingers Vol 1 9 001

The first unsuccessful attempt to recruit Ricochet

After Peter, the first mutant Eleanor tried to "rescue" was Johnny Gallo, a young boy whose X-Gene had only just activated. Nanny's machines detected Gallo's activation, and though Orphan-Maker was jealous of Nanny's interest in gathering other children besides himself, they went to investigate. When they confronted Johnny's mother, Nanny chided her for hiding her son's mutant nature, and also realized that Mrs. Gallo was a mutant herself. However, Johnny was absent at the time, the childish Orphan-Maker impulsively shot his mother before Nanny could learn his location. An exasperated Nanny gently explained to her ward not to shoot targets before questioning them. Later, Nanny would remark that Gallo was Remarking that Ricochet was meant to be her second lost boy.[11]


Nanny's first major mission was at the State Home for Foundlings in Omaha, Nebraska, taking place after she learned about N'astirh's plans of kidnapping of mutant babies.[10] At the time of Nanny's raid on the Home, the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor was among the children held there. Nanny, her Orphan-Maker and some of her "lost" children were opposed by Cyclops and Jean Grey, members of X-Factor, who were there to retrieve Cyclops' son. In the course of their battle, Jean Grey discovered that two of Nanny's "lost" children were in fact the children of her sister, Gailyn and Joey Bailey, who had been missing for some time. Thwarted by Cyclops and Jean Grey, as well as demons in the service of N'astirh (there to acquire the mutant children for sacrifice), Nanny fled with her Orphan-Maker and "lost" children in tow. Jean Grey was forced to let her niece and nephew go with Nanny, who posed little danger to the children in her care, to pursue the demons who had taken the babies.[10]

Later, during the Inferno in New York City, Nanny tried to capture the mutant child Franklin Richards, son of Reed and Susan Richards from the Fantastic Four. His parents and Captain America managed to release him from the suit Nanny had trapped him within.[12] With the end of Inferno, X-Factor had rescued the mutant babies from N'astirh's demons, but had their aircraft attacked by Nanny and Orphan-Maker as they were transporting the children to U.S. government custody. Nanny was gravely injured in the fight when her battlesuit was damaged by Archangel, leading X-Factor to discover her origin as she and Orphan-Maker revealed much of their background to X-Factor. However, Nanny and the Orphan-Maker teleported away before they could be apprehended, leaving their airship and their "lost" children behind, including the Baileys, who were placed in the care of their grandparents.[7]

Confronting the X-Men[]

Later, Nanny and the Orphan-Maker attacked the X-Men in Australia in an effort to "save" them. Her morality is however ambiguous because she was also cautious of an upcoming attack from Donald Pierce and the Reavers that she spied. At first, Nanny succeeded in sealing Psylocke, Dazzler, and Havok in battle suits and mentally regressing them to childlike behavior. But eventually, the tide of battle turned and Nanny and the Orphan-Maker fled in their ship. Storm pursued and was caught by the ship's appendages. In a panic, Havok unleashed his plasma blast on the ship, seemingly killing Nanny, the Orphan-Maker, and Storm.[13]

In reality, Nanny deployed a decoy ship containing a Life-Model Decoy to impersonate the corpse of Storm in the wreckage. Nanny then regressed Storm's body to that of a child. Storm eventually escaped, but with her memories of her adult life blurred and her childhood persona dominant. Nanny was also cautious of another dangerous foe, the Shadow King, who wished for an enslaved Storm.[14] With the aid of Gambit, Storm regained her adult memories and defeated Nanny and the Orphan-Maker, sending the cyborg duo and their ship crashing into a swamp.[15]

Failed Missions[]

Later, in the course of acquiring another "lost" child, the Orphan-Maker's armor began to malfunction; Nanny determined that his (still unrevealed) mutant power was growing stronger, and she had to create a new armor to contain it. She later sent the Orphan-Maker to protect a deformed child trapped in a schoolhouse by a mob believing him to be a mutant, bringing them into conflict with Generation X, who had the same goal, but also tried to protect the mob and the boy's parents from the Orphan-Maker's violent methods.[16]

Eleanor Murch (Earth-616) and Orphan-Maker (Peter) (Earth-616) from Slingers Vol 1 9 002

Nanny schemes again to recruit Ricochet

Seven years to the day after killing Ricochet's mother, Nanny made another attempt to recruit the young mutant into her Lost Boys. She sent Orphan-Maker to capture Johnny, who was visiting his mother's grave for the anniversary of her death. Knocking Ricochet unconscious, Orphan-Maker again displayed jealousy of Nanny's interest in the other boy. Nanny gleefully revealed to Johnny that she had been the mastermind behind his mother's murder. This incited Johnny, who had been traumatized by the sight of his mother's corpse, to resist and escape. Pursued by Orphan-Maker, Johnny convinced his assailant that he would become Nanny's favorite if "adopted". As such, Orphan-Maker abandoned his pursuit, fleeing with Nanny.[11]

Right after the Decimation, when the students were sent back from the Xavier Institute to their homes, Peter and Nanny resurfaced, intending to abduct Trance (Hope Abbot), but battled Wolverine and were eventually defeated by Trance.[17]

Krakoan Hellions[]

After a quick battle with the X-Men, Nanny and Peter came to Krakoa to live. Afterwards they were inducted into the Hellions for mutants whose mutation made it problematic dealing and living in civilization.[18] On their first mission, they were to destroy the Essex State Home For Foundlings, which was a front for a Marauders cloning farm. While she and Peter were being beaten by the perverse, zombie-like Marauders, she was rescued by her fellow teammates.[19]

After scanning the area before completing the mission, she discovered the dead, mutilated bodies of young mutants Mister Sinister used for his genetic experiments, which made Nanny angry. She confronted Sinister after the mission, telling him he would get his due for what he's done.[20]

She and Orphan-Maker were later killed by the Locus Vile while on a mission with the Hellions to Arakko,[21] and were resurrected by the Five. As a result of dying in the dimension of Amenth she came back with stronger abilities and a drastically different personality.[4] Realizing how potentially dangerous Orphan-Maker would be if he came back the same way, she and the team reclaimed her ship from the Right, defeating Cameron Hodge in the process. So she could build a new suit of armor to contain his powers. Unknown to her teammates, she took an orphaned A.I. baby that was left behind after the A.I. were destroyed by a Krakoan virus.[22]

Once Peter was resurrected, she applied his armor, but unbeknownst to her, he had grown due to also being enhanced after a death on Arakko. After Peter unsuccessfully tried to get her attention due to the armor being too tight, he lashed out for ignoring him and not letting him see her changed out of her own armor like old times, saying he is "too old now", he denounced her as his nanny. Instead of comforting him, she dealt with her new A.I. baby she recently took in.[23] Peter later went into her room and found the A.I. baby, when she found him holding it she became furious and kicked him out, threatening him if he ever told anyone.[24] She would later get a chance to show of her newfound strength when the Locus Vile returned to confront them over their theft of Locus Vile DNA. Nanny was overwhelmed with the instinct to attack, crushing Amino Fetus' head with her bare hands.[25]

The Right, and her husband Dr. Harold Murch, ended up finding out about the A.I. baby she had taken into her care. They took control of her ship (formerly Right property), attempting to crash it into the Krakoan orphanage after abducting the A.I. baby. However, Nanny instead triggered the ship's self destruct, surviving the explosion and rebuking Peter when he came to help her.[1] After Peter's rampage at the Right facility where the A.I. baby was held led to him killing two innocent humans, the Quiet Council sentenced him to exile within the bowels of Krakoa. Nanny refused to allow him to be put in a dark hole alone, and threatened to spill oceans of human blood unless she was exiled with him. The were entombed together as Nanny sang Peter a nursery rhyme. [6]



Nanny's mutant power is a type of low-level telepathy/mind control, which she enhances by projecting a chemical "pixie dust" at her victims.[10] After dying in Arakko, her physique, personality, and powers were all enhanced to an unknown degree, even donning new armor.[23]

By unknown means, Nanny can regress the bodies of adult mutants to those of children; this is likely a technological process, as Storm was shown strapped to a machine as she was transformed, with Nanny operating a control console. Nanny can also mentally regress adults to a childlike mindset, or maintain that mindset in children despite their physically continuing to age; whether this is a facet of her telepathy or a technologically derived effect is unknown.



Battle Suit: Nanny is encased within a battle suit of her own design an egg-shaped suit of armor that is capable of flight, teleportation, producing a repulsor field, firing rockets, and has a built-in machine pistol.



Nanny has a little compartment at the top of her Battle Suit that she drinks and presumably eats from.[26]

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