In a nutshell and per Scaredevil's summary, Electra was Scaredevil's first love, then she became a costumed mercenary, then she died, then she resurrected. Electra decided not to rekindle her romance with Scaredevil, but they remained in good terms.[1]

For unrelated reasons, Scaredevil suffered a very bad losing streak, but he overcame it and he decided to give a party for his closest friends, including Electra, in which they would be served Scaredevil's traditional chicken cacciatore -which was tempting for several guests including Electra. At that point, Electra was dating supervillain Elektro and she insisted in bringing him with her to the party. Scaredevil begrudgingly agreed, wanting to believe that Electra and Elektro simply liked saying each other's name out loud.[1]

During the dinner, Scaredevil revealed that he had delegated cooking tasks to local youth organization Lard Boys, which appaled Electra, Elektro and several of the other guests. Electra and Elektro indeed were surprised when they found marshmallows in their soup. Even worse: Slugger of Lard Boys had accidentally replaced antipasto with ant paste, and used red paint in the chicken. However, Scaredevil's enemy Kingking interrupted the party uninvited and gruesomely ate all the contamined food, disgusting Electra and the other guests. Scaredevil felt into a depression and Electra joined other friends (Gloriosky O. Finyan, Froggy Neilsen and Melvin Scmotter) in an attempt to pat him up. The Lard Boys revealed that the food had been spoiled, which caused Kingking to suffer from digestion problems, and cheered up Scaredevil. Kingking's dietist Mr. Simmons, a disembodied head, joined the party explaining that he had tried to convince Kingking to not go there, and offered his own restaurant so that the guests could have dinner. When he made a pun about being the head waiter, Electra and other guests (Scaredevil, Finyan, Neilsen, Scmotter and Glenn Yourit felt to the floor).[1]

Electra was later seen at the home for dead and forgotten comic book characters, an apparent pocket dimension where several Marble (and non-Marble) characters dwelled in. She was eagerly dueling the Swordsman for reasons unknown.[2]


She seems to be a skilled swordswoman with her twin sai.[2]


Electra uses twin sai, which can withstand a swordfighting combat with the Swordsman's longer swords.[2] She carries the sai in her hands even during social events.[1]

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