Quote1.png I spent my entire existence bending the knee to humans, and I will be damned if I run from one now! Quote2.png
-- Electro src


Electro was an android construction worker. His bosses became disatisfied with his work and turned him over to torture experimenters. They accidentally burned out his obedience chips, giving him sentience.[2] Additionally, a generator accident gave him the power to conduct electricity.[3] Becoming a super-villain, Electro joined the Sinister Six in the 2099 A.D.[3]

After the battle against the rebels led by Spider-Man, concluded with the death of Father Jennifer D'Angelo a.k.a. the Goblin (the former leader of the Sinister Six, who was an undercover member of the resistance), Electro and the remaining members of the Sinister Six were recruited by Venture as members of the terrorist organization The Fist in the year 2016.[4]

He was sent to bring deserter Sonny Frisco back to base. He followed him throughout Parker Industries and onto 42nd Street, defeating Captain America along the way. He almost killed Sonny before Spider-Man arrived. He used wood shields to negate his power and capture Electro. He was taken back to Parker Industries and imprisoned in Miguel's private lab.[5] He was tricked into believing Miguel's holographic assistant had set him free and joined his crusade to start a robot revolution. After revealing the date of The Fist's attack on New York City, the simulation ended and Lyla deactivated him.[2]


  • Electrokinesis
  • Energy Absorption
  • Hyperacusia
  • Energy Senses
  • Flight


  • Paralysis: Miguel removed his bottom half.[2]

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