Quote1 NO!! My Squid?! My beats? NOT COOL, DUDE!!! Quote2
-- Electronic Destructive Man src

The full origins of the Electronic Destructive Man are not know.

Electronic Destructive Man (Earth-616) - Deadpool Vol 3 45 002

He first appeared when he attacked Philadelphia atop his "might earth squid." Knowing that the city had no heroes of its own to stop him, he threatened to lay waste to the city unless its reserves of gold were surrendered to him. Celebrating, he began blasting electronic dance music (EDM) via the crown of speakers worn by his mighty earth squid. A visiting Thing engaged the squid and was helped by the ghost of Benjamin Franklin. Franklin used electricity to incapacitate the Electronic Destructive Man and then tied him up with his kite string.[1]


Via his mighty earth squid.

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