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When a number of Doctor Doom's Robotic Subjects rebelled against his rule and escaped to New York City adopting the identity of black men, the Latverian Embassy discreetly hired Afro-american super-powered private detective Luke Cage to find the fugitives. Doom also sent an unconspicuous "Electronic Spy" to follow Cage. Cage indeed found the robots and confronted them; the robots escaped but unbeknown to them, the Electronic Spy followed them to their new hideout and reported it to Doom. Cage went to Doom for explanations, and Doom was delighted to point the fugitives' new shelter. The Electronic Spy followed Cage again to register his absolute victory against the rebels, and reported it to the Embassy.[1]


The electronic spy is so unconspicuous that it does not even feature in any panel! Its appearance is unknown.

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