Formerly the guardian of Mendicus[1], Elejea was the Royal Attendant of Queen Medusa, Inhuman monarch to whom she devoted flawless loyalty. She served Medusa as her aide after their city Attilan blew up over the Hudson River, and was the voice of reason in regard to the safekeeping of the Inhuman cocoons from the terrorist organization A.I.M.[2]

Elejea was next by Queen Medusa's side when a S.H.I.E.L.D clean up team, found another one of Medusa's subjects, Eldrac the Door in the debris. She became impulsive with Agent Mason when she thought he was disrespecting the Queen with the tone in his voice.[3]

Elejea was gravely injured by young Nuhumans who couldn't stand living in New Attilan. She took a bullet intended for Medusa and was immediately taken care of by Vinatos.[4] She would later make a full recovery.[5]

When Lineage started a coup on New Attilan, he led Medusa, Triton, Nur, and Elejea into a trap in the Carpathians. Elejea protected her Queen from the assaults of the Tribe, and perished, disintegrated by an energy blast from Lash.[6]


Force Field Projection: Elejea's inhuman abilities stemmed around the projection and manipulation of energy barriers capable of deflecting blunt force or energy based assault.[6]

Elejea's original appearance

Elejea's looks changed somewhat between her original appearance and later appearance in the Inhuman series. In her original appearance, rather than blank white eyes she had yellow eyes and also horns on the side of her face. However, her horns were noticeably absent in Inhumanity #2 despite her appearance being fairly similar aside from her change in hairstyle and wardrobe. Once she started appearing in the Inhuman ongoing series, her eyes had also been altered.

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