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Elektra finds herself in a mental institution after having assassinated a South American political leader named Carlos Huevos for a promised fee of two dollars. She is assailed by disjointed and often barely-coherent memories of her past, all the way from her mother’s assassination on a Mediterranean beach while she was pregnant with Elektra, to her training as a ninja under Stick, her development of low level psychic powers, her college relationship with Matt Murdock, her father’s assassination, her initiation into the Hand and meeting of the Beast, and, most recently, her being hired to kill Carlos Huevos in San Conception, whom she kills with a crossbow at an amusement park. Elektra had attended his funeral soon thereafter and learned that the American ambassador Reich smelled of the Beast. That night she went into the American embassy to kill him too but the Beast chased and attacked her, leaving a gash in her thigh. It forced her to drink the milk that contains its essence, leaving her inchoate and disoriented. From there she ended up in the institution. In the institution, she kills a man who attempts to molest her; then when they are about to lobotomize her, she breaks free, killing several people, and escapes.


  • Cover art is homaged on the variant cover of Hit-Girl #5 (April 2013).

Hit-Girl Vol 1 5 Variant.jpg

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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