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Other Characters:

  • Foggy Nelson
  • Athos
  • Omega Delta (Fraternity)
  • NYPD
  • Hugo (Death)
  • Chaste
  • Elektra's former sensei
  • Fox (Voice)
  • Mongoose (First and only known appearance; dies)
  • Von Eisenbluth's sons (First and only known appearance)

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  • Unnamed ship (Only appearance; Destruction)

Synopsis for "The Wall"

The story reprints portions of Daredevil #168, Daredevil #190 and Bizarre Adventures #28. Together they recount key moments from Elektra's early history:

Shortly after her arrival at Columbia University, she meets and falls in love with fellow student Matt Murdock. The enjoy a blissful year together, however their happiness is cut short when Elektra and her father, a Greek ambassador, are taken hostage. Matt uses his superpowers to take down the thugs and rescue Elektra, but her father is mistaken for one of the assailants by the police and fatally shot.

Following her father's funeral, Elektra leaves America and seeks out a secret organization that her martial arts instructor used to belong to, one which she believes holds the secret to regaining her inner-peace. Her journey takes her to a remote region of China, and she falls while attempting to scale the cliff. Two of the organization's members discover her, and one of them, Stick decides to rescue her and train her as his pupil, and a potential member of the Chaste. Elektra excels in her martial arts training, but a year later, she is still filled with as much hate and inner-turmoil as when she arrived. Stick abruptly dismisses from the order. Another Chaste member, Stone, expresses his concern that this decision may lead to Elektra being recruited by their sworn enemy, the Hand ninja clan.

Elektra determines to prove her worth to Stick by infiltrating the Hand. True to Stone's concerns, they group soon find her and, as part of her initiation, trick her into killing the sensei she trained with before Stick. Elektra is horrified when she learns her victim's identity and feels that her actions have permanently robbed her of realizing inner-peace or being worthy of membership in the Chaste. She resigns herself to her fate and spends several years in the service of the Hand. During one mission, a fellow clan member proves hesitant to kill his opponents and tries to persuade Elektra to abandon the Hand with him. Elektra fails to report his sedition, and when the Jonin learns of this, he tries to coerce Elektra into having sex with him, as a sign of her continued loyalty. Elektra rebuffs and severely wounds him, using the ensuing chaos to flee the clan and leave the country.

Elektra begins working as a mercenary, and she is eventually hired to stop the crew of a ship on its way to assassinate former Nazi scientist, Von Eisenbluth. She kills all of the crew members but one before toppling overboard with the remaining member. He shoot Elektra in the head , but she miraculously washes ashore and awakens relatively unscathed. She then steals a dune buggy and makes her way to Eisenbluth's mansion. Once inside, she watches Mongoose attempt to torture Eisenbluth, who feigns senility before shooting his assailant dead. He apologizes to Elektra for not letting kill Mongoose herself, but remarks that he couldn't pass up the opportunity to kill another Jew. Elektra starts to leave the room, then abruptly whirls around and impales Eisenbluth with her sai.

Elektra undertakes numerous other mercenary jobs, but the thrills and wealth they offer do little to ease her pain. Eventually, her efforts to claim the bounty on Alarich Wallenquist bring her into contact with an injured Daredevil who is interrogating Bilge, a local thug, as to Wallenquist's wherabouts. Elektra easily subdues Daredevil, and despite the years and their new appearances, each immediately recognizes the other as their former lover. Elektra leaves with Bilge in custody. Daredevil struggles to his feet, still in disbelief at seeing Elektra once more. He laments the path that she appears to have taken in life, but resolves to bring her to justice, despite their history. Elektra has Bilge call Wallenquist's current benefactor, Eric Slaughter to confirm their rendezvous. However, unbeknownst to Elektra, Bilge tells Slaughter the wrong meetup time, thereby tipping his employer off that he's been captured. Slaughter sends one of his goons out to by cigars, only for him to be apprehended by Daredevil. Elektra arrives at the rendezvous point and Slaughter sics his henchmen on her. She easily dispatches them and Slaughter offers her employment. When she refuses, a remaining henchman incapacitates her with a tranquilizer dart. As the villains bind and prepare to drown her, their getaway plane roars to life and begins hurtling toward them. Daredevil leaps from the plane just before it crashes and takes down the remaining goons. However, he has neglected Wallenquist, who has a gun pointed at Elektra's head. Daredevil feigns surrender, but throws his billy just as the scientist is about to shoot. Elektra bumps the gun, causing the shot to miss, while the ricocheting billy club knocks Wallenquist unconscious. As Daredevil unties Elektra, she confirms to him that she knows his true identity. They briefly kiss, and Daredevil departs with Wallenquist, while Elektra cries for the first time in years.

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