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Elektra's father, a Greek diplomat, was killed by the assassin Bullseye, and she blamed the vigilante Daredevil for his death, although he tried to save him. Elektra trained herself in karate and held sai that she would use to kill Daredevil. When she finally confronted the vigilante, she impaled him by his shoulder, but before she could kill him, she wanted to know who she would be actually killing. She unmasked him and was surprised to find Matt Murdock. Elektra had learned that it was Bullseye who murdered her father. Ironically, however, she confronted him, Bullseye beat her in battle: slitting half of her throat and impaling her in the stomach. When Bullseye left, she was able to say goodbye to Daredevil before dying in his arms.[1]

After Elektra died, an old man named Stick resurrected her and trained her in martial arts in the Way of Kimagure (the ability to control time, the future and life and death), a benevolent dichotomy of The Hand. On expulsion from Stick's school, a life lesson for her heart of anger and hate, Elektra became an assassin for hire. She soon became acquainted with a single father and his daughter, Abby. She discovered the two were being hunted down by the Hand . Elektra, with the help of Stick and his assistants, protected Abby and her father. Abby was then revealed to be a great warrior known as the Treasure: a powerful weapon that could tip the scales of the Hand's power. Elektra had a final showdown with the leader of the Hand. If Elektra won, Abby would go free; if the leader of the Hand won, then Abby would belong to the Hand. In the battle, Elektra was nearly beaten, then, realizing that the Hand leader was her mother's killer, Elektra fatally impaled him through the heart with one of her sai, and flipped him down a well where he was disintegrated. Elektra resurrected Abby the same way Stick resurrected Elektra.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Physical Strength

  • Normal human female who engages in intense regular exercise.


  • Suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder.





  • Jennifer Garner portrays Elektra in Daredevil and Elektra. She is the only actor to appear in both films. However, a deleted scene had a cameo of Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock.


  • In 2005, Jennifer Garner married actor Ben Affleck, who portrayed the title character and Garner's on-screen love interest in Daredevil. They separated in June 2015.

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