Elektra was hired to assassinate Foggy Nelson, but eventually spared his life when she recognized him from college. Elektra considered going straight and maybe getting married, however, in sparing Foggy's life, Elektra gained the wrath of her employer, the Kingpin. Due to Elektra's betrayal, the Kingpin placed a hit on her head. Elektra battled a good number of hitmen sent after her by the elderly assassin Eric Slaughter before retreating to her former lover Matt Murdock's appartment, who also happened to be Daredevil himself. Returning to his appartment after a night of searching for Elektra, Daredevil came face-to-face with Elektra, who had badly injured her arm. Daredevil told her that he was taking her in, to which she revealed that the Kingpin had ordered her death. The two ran halfway across the world where they started a new life together.[1]


Seemingly those of Elektra Natchios (Earth-616)#Powers

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