Elektra met Matthew Murdock who was secretly the vigilante Daredevil while he was attending Columbia Law School. The two fell in love and started dating. One day, Elektra and her father Hugo Natchios were taken hostage by terrorists. As Daredevil, Matt tried to rescue Elektra and Hugo, but the police accidentally shot Hugo to death.

Over the next few years, Elektra learned to channel the anger she felt over her father's death. After Matt's father was killed by the Kingpin when Matt refused to throw a boxing match, Elektra met with Matt and wanted to teach him to channel the anger he felt over his father's murder. Matt refused and confronted the Kingpin as Daredevil by himself, resulting in a fight to erupt between the two. Before the Kingpin could kill Matt, Elektra killed Kingpin by impaling her twin sai into his chest.

To protect Elektra, Matt decided to take the fall for the Kingpin's death for her.[1]


Seemingly those from Elektra of Earth-616


Seemingly those from Elektra of Earth-616


Elektra's Twin Sai

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