When Bobby Drake lost his mutant powers he became a talk show host, and interviewed several co-hosts including Bullseye. However Bullseye was rejected when he stabbed Elektra who was there for a mock interview at the time. [1]

When Deadpool was visited by several previously deceased heroes on Halloween, Elektra was among them and proclaimed her resurrection was by ninja magic. [2]

Elektra and Black Widow went to Deadpool to buy a couch. Wade tried to flirt with Elektra, but she threatened his life. Black Widow accidentally killed the Gremlin, who was living in Deadpool's house, after mistaking him for living puke. Punisher arrived to Deadpool's house and shot him with a bazooka fro selling him defective weapons and a defective MP3 player, ripping him in half, so Elektra and Black widow left. [3]

During S.H.I.E.L.D. strike mission assembled to take down a Super Secret A.I.M. Base of Operations. Deadpool informed his other teams, the Thunderbolts, including Elektra, and others. The A.I.M. base later resulted to be empty, as the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier was left unguarded due to the numerous presence of spec ops teams in the A.I.M. base.[4]

Elektra was later seen in the crowd watching Ant-Man's golf tournament. [5]

  • The figure used to animate Elektra is the Elektra figure from the Marvel Legends Two-Pack Wave 1.

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