Quote1 Fool you twice, shame on you, right? Quote2
-- Screwball

Appearing in "Always Bet On Red: Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Always Bet On Red: Part 4"

As Arcade and his onlookers cheer, Elektra is forced through several deadly playground-themed traps, with Screwball in pursuit. On a rapidly-spinning merry-go-round she finds a chest that transports her to a haunted house level. Screwball attacks her again there, telling her how Arcade has upgraded her tech, making her a deadlier threat than ever. Elektra realizes that Screwball’s helmet controls this section of the Murderworld. She knocks out Screwball and takes the helmet, allowing her to eliminate the bomb around her neck and also quickly find and rescue Lauren. Then Arcade himself enters the field in a massive, killer robot suit.

Solicit Synopsis


• ELEKTRA is pulled deeper into ARCADE’s brutal new MURDERWORLD, combating new high-tech threats – all while she plans her escape…

• …and Arcade is going to need all the help he can get when that happens…

• …and as the clues come together, Elektra realizes that there’s something more sinister at play here. But what?

• GUEST-STARRING: Two sais, one red scarf, and a never-ending supply of rage.

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