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Elektro was a costumed man who started dating costumed mercenary Electra after her resurrection. When Electra's ex-boyfriend Scaredevil invited her to a celebration party after Scaredevil's bad luck streak, she insisted in taking Elektro as her date. Scaredevil finally agreed although, when meeting Elektro, he could not understand what she could see in him except for the way they said out loud each other's name.[1]

In the party, Scaredevil revealed that he would not be cooking chicken cacciatore; instead, he had delegated this task to local youth club Lard Boys, something that Elektro and Electra disliked. Indeed, Elektro looked aghast at the marshmallows in the soup.[1]

The party was later interrupted by Scaredevil's enemy Kingking, who gruesomely ate all the food to Elektro's and the other guest's dismay. They all later discovered that the Lard Boys had accidentally intoxicated the food, which led to Kingking's illness.[1]


Elektro later made a number of cameos in other collections. He visited Goon Knight's and saw gritty main character Goon Knight knock down his would-be sidekick Midnut because he was not consistent with the plot's approach. Elektro and other guest stars (Chaplain America, Green Goblin, Spidey-man,Sore, The Thung) were aghast at this.[2]

Later, Elektro was in the audience of TV program "Super villain dating game." He could see host Jim Lame giving choices to contendant Trixie LaRue - whom Elektro seemed to find pretty. She finally chose bachelor #3, Man-Thing but, at seeing his unattractive face, Laure tried to run away.[3]


Elektro never displayed any powers in his appearances in What The--?!

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