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Original design

The Element Gun is one-of-a-kind weapon that conjures each of the four elements and is capable of mixing them to achieve other effects. Its original owner was Spartax king J'son who left it on Earth after crash-landing on the planet, where he was found by Meredith Quill, who helped J'son repair his ship. The two had a romantic fling before J'son left and it resulted in the birth of a son called Peter. When Peter was ten years old, a squadron of Badoon soldiers attacked his home and killed his mother in an attempt to kill him. While defending himself, Peter found the Element Gun, and it was the only thing that survived his house's destruction.[1]

Later design

Over the years, Peter took apart the Element Gun several times, changing the housing, adding a voice chip and even building a second one- During an encounter against the Olympians, Peter siphoned the gods' power into the Element Gun, binding their divinity to the gun as a perpetual power source.[2]

Alternate Reality Versions

2010s Marvel Animated Universe (Earth-12041)

In this reality, the Element Blasters are weapons of the Spartaxian royal family and can only be wielded by those of the royal bloodline. Peter Quill's blaster previously belonged to his father, which was left for him after he left Earth and became Quill's main weapon. Later J'son replaced it with a new Element Blaster. Peter's blaster did not function until after he was taken by the Ravagers.

Earth Zeta (Earth-25271)

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In this reality Peter Quill is known as "Lord Starkill" and uses an Elemental Rifle as his weapon of choice.[3]



  • Star-Lord has mentioned that he named his guns Clarice and Terry.[5]
  • Star-Lord has likened the Element Gun to a Hieronymus machine.[2]
  • Zeus once coined the Element Gun to be a mix of science and magic as well as an astrological weapon.[2]

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