Elephant Steve is a rookie Avenger. His history is unknown prior to his first appearance other than that he was relatively new to the Avengers and had yet to become accustomed to Iron Man's egotism.

He took offence at Iron Man's claim to possess superior powers and stormed out, going to the kitchen where he ate pie and complained to Jarvis. Although this meant that he missed out on the Avengers' subsequent armored adventures, he was able to use his reasonably good memory and ability to punch things to save the entire team from Ultron the evil robot.

Later, having changed the color scheme of his costume, Elephant Steve declined to give Hawkeye his laptop computer to exchange for magic beans.


Elephantism: Whether this condition gives him the proportionate strength, speed and agility of an elephant is unknown. He can apparently type on a laptop despite having elephants' feet for hands. He is able to remember things that people have said in the past, in sufficient detail to know what date and time they specified, although to say that he never forgets would be inaccurate.

Strength level

Elephant Steve is strong enough to deactivate Ultron with a single punch to the head.


A tendency to be personally offended by metaphorical statements (such as "elephant in the room") can sometimes hamper Elephant Steve's effectiveness.


Steve owns a really cool laptop.


Technically he once owned a Tony Stark-designed suit of armor, but never wore it.

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