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Extremely long-lived, Linnea the Elfqueen settled in part of what is now Virginia thousands of years ago, with her warrior husband Gorn. As civilization spread and threatened their seclusion, the Elfqueen cast spells to hide their presence.

Gorn, however, tired of their secluded life, and insisted the two of them visit the nearest city, Washington DC. They were shocked by the changes that had occured in the world, and Gorn soon had an altercation with some police officers and had to be saved by Linnea. She tried to persuade him to leave the city, but he refused, and struck her. Furious, the Elfqueen left him behind in the city.

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Gorn soon encountered more trouble, and was shot and killed by a policeman. Elfqueen sensed his death, and returned to Washington, taking out her anger on the populace and her surroundings. The hero team the Avengers were alerted and flew to confront her. Elfqueen soon overpowered the three strongest Avengers present, Thor, Iron Man, and Tigra. Captain America managed to evade the Elfqueen's magical spells and call a truce, but his teammate Yellowjacket, who was suffering emotional problems at the time, attacked the Elfqueen with his bioelectrical sting. Elfqueen attacked once again, and tried to kill Yellowjacket, but he was saved by his teammate and then wife Wasp.[1]

Captain America talked the Elfqueen down again, and she eventually agreed to return to her seclusion. Her current activities are unknown.


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Elfqueen possessed a high degree of talent in utilizing magic. Amongst the spells she was seen to perform were such effects as projecting mystical bolts of energy, levitating herself, telekinetically moving objects, creation of illusions, bestowing eternal youth upon herself and others, and the animation of inanimate objects - by animating stone so that it became a hand, she was even able to lift Mjolnir with it. Elfqueen was also superhumanly strong and durable, presumably through magical means.[1]

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