Eli Warren was a member of Stark Industries and an old friend and co-worker of Howard Stark, Tony's father.

His motivation to build the future and project humanity to other worlds prompted him to leave Earth and start working in his own orbital station. He stole Extremis samples from A.I.M. in order to upgrade himself and his crew to thrive better in low-gravity environments and survive on planets with less than ideal conditions, with plans to give it to humanity.

Eli Warren (Earth-616) from Iron Man Fatal Frontier Infinite Comic Vol 1 7 001

Eli's Extremis form

Iron Man travelled to Eli's space station with the intention to destroy the Extremis samples, fearing they could fall into the wrong hands. Stark regretfully tased Eli and his crew, who tried to stop him, and destroyed the Extremis sample.[1]

When the powerful material Phlogistone was found in the Moon, Eli and his crew were part of the incredible amount of scientific minds who installed in Tranquility Gulch, the Lunar colony from which the Phlogistone was investigated.[2] Although Eli held a grudge for Tony, he helped Stark steal all the information Cortex Inc. possessed, in Stark's plan to prevent that evil company from getting Phlogistone.[3]

However, Stark, under the influence of the Phlogistone, had planted evidence to incriminate Eli so he and his crew would be kicked out of the Moon, and they wouldn't be able to acquire Phlogistone either. Angrily, Eli fought Stark, but was defeated by him and Udarnik, Stark's robotic ally in the Moon.[4]

When Tony escaped from capture after being subdued by Udarnik for interfering in its plans, the robot deployed the villains it had helped capture, including Eli and his crew, to capture Stark, promising them Phlogistone. Eli was defeated by Tony in hand-to-hand combat.[5]

Eli and his crew returned to work in his satellite. He was later approached by Arno Stark, Tony's secret brother, who offered them to work along with him in the construction of a new futuristic city. Eli accepted the offer.[6]


His anatomy was changed by the Extremis virus, granting him the ability to survive in low-gravity enviroments and harsh conditions.[1]

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