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Quote1 Eli Morrow, is it? You murderous, sadistic, unrepentant Satanist! I've seen the foulest of souls... mortal and immortal alike. But nothing like yours, Morrow. You'll repent for the decades of suffering and torture you brought upon the innocent. Quote2
Ghost Rider[src]


Elias Morrow was a criminal and devil worshiper operating out of East Los Angeles until his brutal demise. His spirit supernaturally inhabited a Dodge Charger that fell into the possession of his nephew, Robbie Reyes. Bonding with one another, Eli and Robbie became the new Ghost Rider. Eli hid his true nature from Robbie and attempted to corrupt him by feeding his lust for vengeance. Robbie eventually learned the truth about Eli and fought to suppress his uncle's influence while operating as the Ghost Rider.[1]


  • Despite not being a Spirit of Vengeance, Eli Morrow seemingly bestowed his host with nigh-identical powers and was thus initially mistaken for one;[2] however, it was later revealed that Eli is not the source of Robbie's Ghost Rider powers, as he retained them after Eli's spirit was pulled to Hell to serve Johnny Blaze.[3][4]

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