The uncle of Robbie Reyes, Eli Morrow became a ghost upon death and possessed his nephew, becoming the Ghost Rider. However, Reyes was able to subjugate his uncle's demonic spirit and use his powers for good... until he encountered the Venom symbiote. The alien bonding to Reyes sparked a three-way war between it, Reyes, and Morrow for control of their shared body that ended when Morrow and the symbiote amalgamated to overcome their individual weaknesses - removing the Klyntar's natural aversion to flame - and subjugated Reyes. Dubbing themselves Host Rider, Eli and the symbiote began enacting their own justice on the world.[1]

Eli, Venom, and Robbie all died when they were assimilated by a Poison, briefly becoming Poison Ghost Rider.[2]

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