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Captain Elias Schleigal was a brilliant pilot and engineer who was personally recruited by Adolf Hitler who gave him the identity of "Himmel-Hai"/Sky Shark and ordered him to form his own crack squad of pilots. He launched a surprise attack on New York City to distract from the activities of Brain Drain. The attack was beaten back by the Liberty Legion. He and his Asian co-pilot Slicer were sent out to capture an ammerican scientist and his research, but when Thin Man and Patriot arrived on the scene, decided to gun down the scientist instead and fled, leaving the scientist heavily wounded.[2] Sky Shark and the rest of Brain Drain's force were defeated by the Liberty Legion and the Thing who had traveled to the past to recover a lost container of Vibranium.[3]

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He is a master pilot and a gifted engineer, able to design and build highly advanced equipment.



Skyshark carries a pistol, but he most often attacks via aircraft.


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