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When he was a kid, Elias Spector fled with his mother and 'Yitz Perlman' from Nazi prosecution after Adolf Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia. Perlman was a Nazi deserter who had adopted the identity of a long-lost rabbi friend of Elias' father in exchange for helping them flee to America. He had also killed Elias' father since he was the only person that knew of his true identity. Elias, his mother, and Perlman settled in Chicago, Illinois, and Elias was taught by Perlman to become a rabbi. Elias later had a son, Marc.

As part of a supernatural method to extend his lifespan, Perlman became a serial killer of Jews. After Marc stumbled upon his secret by chance, Yitz left the city and was never seen again. Due to the traumatic experience, Marc developed a dissociative identity disorder, and never told anyone about Perlman's true nature.[2] When Marc's multiple personalities started manifesting, Elias interned him at the Putnam Psychiatric Hospital.[3] A couple years later, Elias died. Even though he attended his funeral, Marc resented his father, believing that Elias was embarrassed by him.[4]

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