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Quote1.png The Vulture. And he brought friends. I don't suppose any of your friends have my money. Quote2.png
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Elijah Stern was a scientist who worked for Roxxon's research and development. When Stern was fired from the company, he was, at the time, on the verge of discovering how to use vibranium as an unlimited power source. With his research and breakthrough ruined, and filled with a need for vengeance, Stern hired supervillains Killer Shrike, Omega Red and the Vulture to commit a series of attacks on his former company.

When Stern sent out Vulture to kill Roxxon's current boss Donald Roxxon, he was discovered by S.H.I.E.L.D., and they located him at his hideout. Nick Fury intimidated Stern into taking a position with S.H.I.E.L.D..

While Tinkerer is repairing the suit of the Beetle, the Six show up in search of weapons. Stern initially wanted them gone as Vulture never paid him back. But after Norman Osborn intimidated him, he "accommodated" the Six by upgrading Vulture's suit and giving Kraven the Hunter a set of blasters and knives for their fight with Spider-Man.[1]


While being visited by Prowler, Tinkerer was blamed for his client's equipment usage. As they talked about the new Spider-Man, Prowler shoots Stern in cold blood.[2]

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  • Super-Genius Intelligence: The Tinkerer has extensive knowledge in a wide variety of scientific disciplines and has a brilliant and innovative mechanically-oriented mind, producing multiple diverse inventions: His battle suit designs include the Killer Shrike, Vulture and Slayer armors. He has a high degree of expertise in design and manufacture of inventive weapons and is a genius with seemingly limitless capacity to invent, construct, repair, modify or upgrade mechanical devices derived from preexisting technologies.[3]

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