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Elinor von Drei

Elinor von Drei was a spy who worked for the Nazis during World War II. In the summer of 1943, she was sent to Istanbul, Turkey to turn the men there into fighting against Allied Forces. To this end, she used local customs and traditions to her advantage. Gaining the aid of a local she had captured, Naobi, a local prophetess who commanded the men in her village while wearing a sacred Yashmak. Although they captured Naobi, the Yashmak ended up in the hands of FBI agent John Barry. Barry brought the Yashmak with him back to the United States but was followed by Von Drei's accomplice who killed him. The murder was witnessed by Human Torch and Toro who attempted to stop the murderer, but he escaped. Before dying Barry managed to write the phrase "Yashmak 3" on the windshield of his car in his own blood.

The Torch and Toro learned of his mission and flew to Istanbul. Searching for clues in a cafe, they learn of a Von Drei. Realizing that her last name coincidentally was the German word for "3", they believed that she was part of the murder plot. Getting a dance with the girl, the Torch attempted to convince her that he had the Yashmak. She then told him to meet her alone at her residence, walking into a trap.

The Toro attempted to free the Torch, breaking Naobi from her cell in the process and learning of Von Drei's plot. They were subdued, however the Torch broke free from the water-filled cell that they trapped him in. The Torch easily subdued Von Drei's minions and returned the Yashmak to Naobi and turned Elinor over to the Turkish authorities.[1]

Her subsequent fate is unknown.

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