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Elinore was the wife of the mutant inventor Forge. Living out of a bunker located at the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, Elinore came across Logan and Dani Cage as they were seeking medical attention for Bruce Jr.. Elinore allowed them to enter the bunker where Logan was reunited with Forge.

After a few days had passed the bunkers security was tripped by the arrival of Sabretooth and an army of clones created from Creed's DNA. Elinore inside a robotic mech headed to the main entrance of the bunker in order to protect it.[1]

Elinore and Forge tried to hold off the clones as long as they could in order to give Logan a chance to escape but after they were clear, Forge embraced Elinore with a kiss after he instructed Speedball to activate his kinetic energy resulting in a nuclear explosion killing Elinore and everyone else in the general vicinity.[2]

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