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Elisa Sinclair[src]


Madame Hydra[]

The origins of Elisa Sinclair are related to the actions of the sentient Cosmic Cube that manifested itself in the form of a child named Kobik and first came to existence by the hand of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Kobik secretly sought her former guardian, the Red Skull, who took advantage of Kobik's naivety to seduce her in the ways of Hydra. This culminated in a scheme in which Kobik turn Captain America into a Hydra loyalist.[1][2] To this end, Kobik fabricated an alternate timeline in which Steve Rogers was proselytized into Hydra when he was a kid.[3][4]

In the fabricated timeline, Elisa Sinclair existed as Madame Hydra, a high-ranking member of the fascist organization Hydra. A powerful sorceress, she claimed to have been in league with elder gods such as Chthon as well as suggested the possibility she was not only ancient, but also virtually immortal.[5] Within Hydra, Elisa Sinclair developed a deep bond with Daniel Whitehall, the embodiment of the eternal Hydra warrior known as the Kraken.[6]

Elisa Sinclair (Earth-61311) from Captain America Steve Rogers Vol 1 3 001

Elisa in 1926

In 1926, Sinclair made her way to the low-class suburb of New York City. She approached the housewife and textile miller Sarah Rogers, who struggled with domestic violence at the hands of her brutal husband. Bearing interest in Rogers, Sinclair provided deep support for her and her child, Steve, for whom she envisioned an extremely important destiny. In retribution for her benevolence, Elisa Sinclair invited Sarah Rogers into a local community, a civic league, run by Hydra, in order to indoctrinate her.[7]

Sarah Rogers was able to integrate with the local community, doing charity work and finding a place in Hydra. However, she kept suffering physical abuses from her husband. As a response, Elisa Sinclair ordered her men to kill him.[8] This decision frightened Sarah Rogers, who decided to run away and hide from Hydra. Sinclair intercepted her in her attempt, which escalated into a conflict. Sarah Rogers was apparently slain in the confrontation. The young Steve was then abducted by Hydra[9] and brought to their academy overseas, the Keep, to be tutored by instructors Dr. Sebastian Fenhoff and Daniel Whitehall. Despite Steve Rogers' poor physical condition causing his handlers do doubt him, Elisa Sinclair vouched for him, claiming that her mystic senses confirmed that he was the chosen one to lead Hydra's ascension.[10] Over the course of the following years, Rogers was indoctrinated into the ways of Hydra and became admired by Fenhoff and Whitehall for his academic skills and his dedication to Hydra's cause.[11]

Captain America[]

Years later, when World War II was to break out, Sinclair returned to the Keep in order to discuss with other Hydra leaderships, including Fenhoff, Whitehall and Baron Zemo the possibility of joining forces with Nazi Germany. She opposed Zemo's desire to join forces with Hitler, claiming that he was a power-hungry madman and warning that such an alliance would consume Hydra. Ultimately outvoted, Sinclair additionally insisted Steve Rogers was the key to Hydra's plan that they had been waiting for.[12] This motivated Whitehall to prepare Rogers for a parallel plan, which involved returning to America and infiltrate the United States Army's Project: Rebirth.[13]

The war erupted, and Steve Rogers was successful in being the Allies' main operative, the super-soldier Captain America; in secrecy, he continued working as a spy for Hydra. He went to the battlefields, where he fought by the allies while providing Hydra with secret intel.[14] Zemo's son and Rogers' best friend, Helmut Zemo, believed Elisa Sinclair was a traitor, assigning Captain America to stop her.[15] Following Baron Zemo's demise in battle, Captain America tracked her down to confront her. Instead, she pointed him to the true menace: the Red Skull,[5] who machinated events to seize control of Hydra and frame Elisa Sinclair as a traitor.[15]

In frustration, Captain America returned to Elisa Sinclair, who brought direr news: the Allies were designed a reality-warping object called the Cosmic Cube, with which they intended to rewrite history to win the war.[15] Sinclair envisioned that Steve Rogers would resist the change and restore the world. In order to restore his trust in her, she reunited him with his mother, who she nursed back to health. She also had the Kraken transport Rogers to the ancient city of Ashomia in Japan, where Hydra was born, where he was shielded from the Cosmic Cube's reality-warping effects.[16]

Reality was changed into one where Hydra failed to win the war, and Steve Roger never served Hydra.[17] While genuinely fighting alongside the Allies in the war,[18] Captain America would become frozen in ice, and was awakened decades later by the superhero team known as the Avengers, subsequently joining their ranks.[19] In truth, this is how events naturally occurred, until Kobik rewrote reality in the way that the timeline she fabricated, in which Captain America served Hydra, was the original one.[3]

Hydra Empire[]

Elisa Sinclair (Earth-61311) from Captain America Steve Rogers Vol 1 12 001

Resurfaced in the present

After Kobik supplanted Captain America's reality,[2] Elisa Sinclair resurfaced as well, since she had mystically ensured her reunion with her protégé.[16] As Madame Hydra, she assembled a new incarnation of the High Council of Hydra in preparation of Steve Rogers's eventual assumption as the new Hydra Supreme.[5] Madame Hydra reunited with Captain America after he killed the Red Skull, supporting him as launched a plan of conquest to take over the United States of America.[16]

Weeks into Hydra's new regime, Rogers attacked the Mount, the base of the Underground, a coalition of American superheroes and civilians who opposed the new order. Following The Mount's evacuation, an A.I. back-up of Tony Stark's mind activated a self-destruct mechanism within its suit in an attempt to take Captain America with him. Madame Hydra intervened, and used a teleportation spell to save Steve's life at the cost of her own.[20]



Magic: Elisa appears to be a powerful witch, with the ability to cast believable illusions, such as when she made Sebastian Fenhoff feel and see that he had lost his tongue,[10] and extend her longetivity.[21] She has claimed to have been in league with elder gods and Chthon himself.[5]

  • The Sight: Elisa most notably possesses an ability of clairvoyance she referred to as "the sight."[12] This power most likely allowed her to perceive Steve Rogers' potential when he was a kid.[10] Apparently, in moments of uncertainty, Elisa's power are much less effective. When Hydra was deciding whether to ally themselves with Hitler or not, Elisa admitted the future was unclear to her.[12]


Martial Arts: Elisa possessed impressive fighting skills, being able to take out a man twice her size with ease.[7]

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