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Elisa Warsame was the daughter of Adrian Warsame, a governor installed in the country of Akima who reigned unelected for forty years. His father amassed hundreds of millions in looted gold and treasure, bleeding the country into poverty, war, and eventually genocide. When the resistance led by Aliman Lor took control over Akima, Elisa's father was killed.[1]

As an adult, Warsame became a psychologist. One of her patients was Marc Spector, the vigilante known as Moon Knight.[2] When General Lor, now the democratic president of Akima, visited New York City to meet with the UN in an assembly during which Akima would've been recognized as a country, Elisa hired a mercenary to kill him.[3] She planned to use the unrest the death of Lor would cause in Akima to recover the money that was once her father's.[1] Moon Knight stopped the hitman, and discovered Elisa had sent him.[3]

And even after Warsame helped the NYPD determine he was a menace, Marc kept visiting her. During one of the sessions, Elisa used hypnotism to take Marc back to Egypt and his origin as Moon Knight. Spector took over and "travelled" to Akima, where Warsame showed false memories of how Alimar's militia supposedly devastated the poor village she lived in, making Spector believe her motivation was revenge for Lor's supposed war crimes. He tried to convince her to give up on revenge, that Lor could be made to pay for his crimes in a legal way, and that she wouldn't recruit him into her cause. However, Elisa revealed she was recruiting Khonshu. Elisa took over the influence Khonshu had on Spector's mind.

After Marc woke up from the hypnosis, some days later, Elisa had left. He found in Warsame's computer a hit list, which once opened triggered the timer for a bomb. He managed to escape, but soon realized Elisa had not only taken Khonshu from him, but all of his other personalities.[4] Warsame manipulated UN Security officer Gloria Roza into attempting to kill Alimor Lor when he was entering the United Nations Headquarters. However, her assassination attempt was thwarted by Marc Spector, at the cost of him being blamed for the attempted attack and arrested.[5]

At some point, Elisa later hired mercenaries to kidnap Lor and keep him in a building for days. However, Khonshu saw through Elisa's lies and gave up on her, returning to Spector, and helping him stop her from killing Lor. Before Warsame could choke Lor to death, Moon Knight stopped her.[1]

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