Betsy Wilford is a former work colleague and friend of Amanda Sefton and former girlfriend of Piotr Rasputin. Unlike Amanda, who secretly had a long history with Nightcrawler, Betsy was only peripherally involved in Piotr's secret life as the X-Man Colossus. She was among the X-Men's associates kidnapped by agents of the assassin Arcade, however, which may have led to their breakup out of fear for her safety, although the precise details are unrevealed. [citation needed]



Strength level

Normal human.

  • In Colossus #1, Miss Locke claimed that there never was a Betsy Wilford, that it had always been her in disguise as a prelude to Arcade's kidnapping of the X-Men in X-Men #123. This of course ignores Miss Locke meeting Colossus, Betsy, Nightcrawler, and Amanda face-to-face in that issue, and is clearly false.

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