Elise Winters was a performer at the Cafe Luxuria in Buenos Aires during the 1940s. In 1946, her sister Mary Varnheim made a deal with escaped Nazi scientist Hans Ludwig to smuggle his sun-ray formula from New York to Buenos Aires to give to his colleague Rex Herr[1]. However, the two sisters plotted to sell the formula to the highest bidder, agreeing to split the profit in half[2], Elise was unaware that her sister intended to double-cross her by sending a phony microfilm hidden in a bracelet that was unknowingly being smuggled into the country by Madeline Joyce (aka Miss America, who was going to Buenos Aires to find missing government agent Ted Banning[3]. Having had men steal the bracelet and making arrangements to sell the formula to local crime boss Velasquesa[4], Elise returned to her dressing room and caught Rex Herr trying to take it after a fight with Miss America[5]. Trying to stop Herr from making off with the bracelet, Elise was shot by one of his men and left for dead. Freeing herself, Miss America then turned Elise over to one of the club staff to get medical attention before fleeing after Rex and his men. Left alone, Elise came around and went to a local doctor that she could bribe to keep silent and treat her bullet wound. However, when she attempted to drive after Rex and his men herself she passed out from blood loss and got into a car accident[6].

Elise came out of a coma sometime later in a hospital and managed to sneak out. Seeking to follow the trail of the sun-ray, she went to the home of Velasquesa. Listening into his phone conversation, she discovered her sister was in Buenos Aires and was double-crossing her by offering to sell the ray to Velasquesa. Caught by the mobster, Elise fought for her life, kicking Velasquesa down a flight of stairs breaking his neck. Elise then fled for the hotel where her sister was staying bent on revenge[7]. Confronting her sister at the hotel at gunpoint, Elise demanded that Mary turn over the formula. However, they were interrupted by Rex Herr and his men who shot Elise dead and demanded that Mary hand over the formula[8]. Eventually, the formula was recovered by Miss America and turned over to the American authorities[1].




Elise was frequently armed with a pistol.

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