The second Elite was the son of the first, having discovered his father’s vigilante activities after his death at the Punisher’s hands. Swearing revenge, he took up his father’s mantle and put a plan in place to lure the Punisher out into the open. To this end, he hired quadruple amputees surgically altered to resemble Ma Gnucci, whom Frank Castle killed six years before, and arranged for them to be seen in various mob hangouts. When the Punisher went to investigate Ma Gnucci’s grave, Elite had him ambushed, then tried to snipe him, both of which failed. Subsequent attempts on Frank’s life eventually led him to Elite’s hideout, where the Punisher shot him dead before he could cover his tracks and disappear.

The second Elite was every bit as racist and classist as his father, with the exception that while the first Elite regarded the Punisher as an inspiration and potential leader, Tim believed the Punisher to be the herald of a violent uprising against upper-class people.

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