Eliza who is known as the "Bullseye Killer". She was Daredevil's love interest until her identity as the Bullseye Killer was revealed. Daredevil did battle with her and the two fell into the sea where he was about to drown her, but was unable to due to the fact that he still loves her. Eliza was left on the docks unconscious and was taken into police custody


Expert Marksman: Eliza's innate ability to throw any projectile, even things which would not usually be used as a weapon such as cutlery, with great unerring accuracy, force and deadliness borders on the uncanny.

Eliza is a psychopath who can convince herself of her own lies, becoming one in mind and body allowing her to control her bodies reactions and lie without her heartbeat or behaviour giving her away[2]

Strength level

Eliza was strong enough to throw cutlery with enough force that they were able to penetrate halfway through a wooden table[2]

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