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Anderson Schultz and his wife Eliza were billionaire philantropists. Their only son David became a United States Senator who developed and prospered in his political career with the help of his wealthy and connected family.[1]

When Russian businessman Nikolay Poloznev tasked Sergei Konchevsky to obtain compromising material on David in case he became the President of the United States,[1] Konchevsky hired a woman named Fiona who in turn had her gang of young con artists infiltrate a funeral that Schultz attended and take photos of him kissing another man.[2] When Anderson and Eliza became aware of this, they send John Pilgrim to retrieve the photos and kill everyone who stood in his path. Pilgrim intercerpted the gang as they were about to deliver the photos to Fiona and killed everyone except Amy Bendix who happened to be outside and escaped with the photos. Anderson then tasked Pigrim to continue his mission and find the girl, who by then was under the protection of Frank Castle.[3] For their role in causing numerous innocent deaths, Castle eventually tracked the Schultzes down and killed Eliza, leaving Anderson to commit suicide.[4]


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