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A Midtown High student, Liz Allan attended a field trip to Oscorp Tower, and was paired with Peter Parker as her excursion partner.

When Peter and Liz were offered to try out a two-manned robot, Liz asked Peter to switch places with her, since she was left-handed, in order for the control glove to suit her better causing the radioactive spider to bite Peter in the hand turning him into spider-man [1]

Liz is the Midtown High-class president and a Straight-A student, thus, she felt special about her privilege. However, when prestigious schools like Horizon High and Oz Academy began to cast a shadow over her, Liz lost her feeling that she was special. Not want to feel inferior anymore, she took on the identity of "Screwball", a reckless, skateboard bound internet sensation. This double life didn't last as long as her actions drew the unwanted attention of Hammerhead and Absorbing Man.

  • Liz is left-handed.[1]

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