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Elizabeth Allan or "Liz" for short, was the only daughter of Adrian Toomes and Doris Allan Toomes. She attended Midtown School of Science and Technology, where she led the school's academic decathlon team and worked to arrange the school's upcoming Homecoming Dance. Along with several of her friends, she admired the Avengers and had a crush on one hero in particular -- Spider-Man.

One night, Liz hosted a party at her suburban house, and invited a slightly younger student and fellow decathlon member, Peter Parker. According to his friend Ned Leeds, Peter knew Spider-Man through his internship at Stark Industries. However, Spider-Man never came and Peter only stayed for a few minutes.

Peter also disappeared on a school trip to the Academic Decathlon Finals in Washington, D.C., which worried and confused Liz. However, she soon had bigger problems when the elevator in the Washington Monument suddenly gave way, trapping Liz and some of her teammates inside and minutes away from mortal danger. Spider-Man arrived just in time and rescued the group. This event prompted Liz to reexamine her type-A ways, and accepted Peter's invitation to the dance.

When Peter arrived at Liz's house and met her parents, Liz noticed that her date seemed uncomfortable around her father. She encouraged him not to let Adrian frighten him, but almost immediately after joining her on the dance floor, Peter ran off yet again. Later that night, Spider-Man defeated a criminal arms dealer who was revealed to be her own father. Liz was shocked to learn that her father was the super-villain. At Adrian's request, a heartbroken Liz said good-bye to her friends and classmates, and she and her mother prepared to move to Oregon before her father's trial.[2]

After Peter was exposed as Spider-Man by Mysterio,[3] Liz appeared on the cover of People declaring that Peter was a liar. Liz's memories of Peter were erased like everyone else's due to Doctor Strange's spell.[4]


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