Liz Allan is a cheerleader and one of the "In Crowd" at Midtown High and dating Flash Thompson the star football player. Liz Allan gets a "D-" on a test and is urged to get tutored and Peter Parker is suggested to help. Peter tries his best to help but she keeps texting Flash. When Peter sees Electro, he leaves telling Liz he doesn't need to tutor her and she can call when she doesn't want to fail. Liz Allan then starts to show interest in Peter who she likes to call "Petey". Liz Allan even expresses slight regret after Flash and the popular clique reject him.[citation needed]

After spending some time with "Petey" at Coney Island in, she breaks up with Flash and has become openly effectionate towards Peter. Later, on New Year's Eve, Liz reveals her true feelings to Peter and kisses him on the lips and later the pair begin dating. However Peter's responsibility as Spider-Man interferes with their relationship. For example, Liz was nervous regarding her performance in the school play and wanted Peter to come watch only to be disappointed as he fought the Green Goblin. Plus, he learned that Gwen Stacy has feelings for him.[1]

After they go out on a group date he breaks up with her to be with Gwen Stacy, leaving her angry and heartbroken. But she saves face in front of her friends, by making it seem that she is the one breaking up with him. She left abruptly and started to cry.[1]


Seemingly those of Elizabeth Allan (Earth-616)#Powers.


Seemingly those of Elizabeth Allan (Earth-616)#Abilities.

  • Liz Allan appears in The Spectacular Spider-Man, voiced by Alanna Ubach.
  • This version is very different visually and vocally from other versions of Liz, having dark hair and tan skin. Unlike traditional versions of the character, she is Hispanic.

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