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Quote1.png Go back to the darkness where you belong, Norman. You're only a nightmare now. You can't hurt us anymore. Quote2.png
Liz Allan[src]


Liz hospitalized due to unknown illness

After Harry died, Liz began dating, and eventually married Foggy Nelson. Her son, Normie, did not take the marriage well and refused to get along with his new step-father. Still, Liz held the family together until she fell ill from an unknown disease. Her illness was the breaking point for Normie, and what pushed him into becoming the Green Goblin and attacked the Parkers.[1] Sometime between his initial battle with Spider-Girl and the second, Liz lost her battle with the disease.[citation needed]
After her death, she would appear to her son in a dream. Normie was fighting for his life after being shot by Mr. Nobody,[2] battling his inner demons in the form of his his grandfather in his guise as the Green Goblin. Though Harry had tried to help, it was Liz's appearance which would scare Norman away, and she was able to give her son the strength he needed to regain consciousness.[3]

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