Dr. Benning was a psychologist who worked for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. She was assigned by Agent Brown to work with the mutant Michael Pointer to deal with his guilt over actions he undertook while possessed so that he could serve as a functioning member of Omega Flight and gain control over his powers.[1]

Despite their sessions, Pointer seemed unable to stabilize his powers - which Benning blamed on stress and suggested more sessions.[2] Soon it seems that Benning is the only one who is able to calm Pointer down to the point where he can control his powers.[3]

When Pointer started losing control over his powers and the personalities of those whose powers he absorbed, he reached out to Benning with one victim's telepathic power. It was through this confrontation that the truth was revealed. Benning had her own plans, however, and intended to convert Pointer into a weapon under her control. She had used Mutant Growth Hormone to "spike" Pointer's powers when he absorbed the energies from prisoners. Pointer grabbed hold of Benning and, draining some of her lifeforce, drew her into himself to see the various victims whose personalities held. She collapsed from the experience.[4]



Strength level

Normal human.

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