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Elizabeth Bondi was an engineer at Stark Industries.[1]

After the death of her husband, Eric Bondi of New York City Police Department, by the hands of Parker Robbins (known as the Hood), Elizabeth committed to avenging her husband's death and being a vigilante enemy of the Hood.[2]

After Civil War

Once the Civil War over, she was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative.[3]

Years later, she was finally able to refine her tech and track down her prey. She confronted The Hood at one of his safehouses, and had him on the ropes until he gave into Dormammu and overpowered her.[4]

She was later approached by members of The Hood's gang who were thinking about defecting. They provided her with both the new gear and the intel on Parker's family she needed as long as she promised to take him down.[5]

She sought out his family, and eventually attacked him.[6] Understanding that the only thing that would stop her was the same thing he was doing to him, The Hood threatened to kill Force (a new friend to Bondi) unless she stopped coming after him. She consequently promised that her time as White Fang was over.[7]


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