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Elizabeth Braddock was born from a wealthy family. Along with others (such as Megan Gwynn and Jonothon Starsmore) was part of a general expulsion of X-Gene positive families from the United Kingdom. The plan was to exile them on a series of small islands in the Irish Sea. That plan became moot when Irish separatists bombed one of the ships carrying the transportees. The Mutant Liberation Front seized control of the other ship (with Betsy on-board) and was ultimately able to berth it at the Canadian port of Saguenay.[1]

She eventually joined the Mutant Resistance and started a relationship with Bobby Drake.

As a member of the Force Warriors, Betsy used her telekinesis in concert with the other members to rebuild the walls around Fortress X every evening in preparation for the next morning's attacks.


Seemingly those of Betsy Braddock of Earth-616.

  • This version of Psylocke is still in her British body.

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