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Betsy Braddock[src]

Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock is the middle child of Sir James Braddock, a champion from the Otherworld.[46] While her younger twin brother, Brian, became the super-hero known as Captain Britain, Betsy developed mutant telepathic powers. As a telepath she served in S.T.R.I.K.E. Psi Division, until her path as a secret agent crossed with her brother's superhero activities.[47] Betsy acted as an ally of her brother in several adventures, even replacing him as Captain Britain for a time.[48] After being blinded by the Slaymaster, Betsy stood down as Captain Britain,[49] only to be captured and to have her sight restored by Mojo and Spiral.[6] Rescued by the New Mutants and the X-Men, Betsy joined the ranks of the latter as Psylocke.[16]

As a member of the X-Men, Psylocke experienced unimaginable adventures. However, her life got unexpectedly twisted when her body was switched with Kwannon, an assassin ninja.[43][50] Freed by Wolverine, Betsy returned to the X-Men having to cope with the experience of being stuck in another woman's body. For years, Psylocke was a loyal soldier to the X-Men, acting in different squadrons and paying the ultimate price when she was slain by the villain Vargas.[51] Resurrected by her older brother, Jamie,[52] Betsy maintained her adventurous lifestyle by accompanying the X-Men and other groups, such as the multiversal Exiles[53] and the lethally destructive X-Force.[54]

Betsy's problems with her body swap were unexpectedly solved after she was seemingly killed by Sapphire Styx and was able recover herself in her original body.[55] Soon after, all mutantkind was invited by Professor Xavier to live on Krakoa.[56] Rejecting the name Psylocke, Betsy was part of Apocalypse's machinations to recreate the mutant group Excalibur. For that, Betsy resumed her onetime role as a mutant Captain Britain,[3] becoming the prime champion of the Captain Britain Corps.[14]


Early Life

As a child, with her brothers and her father

Sir James Braddock was a denizen of Otherworld, an other-dimensional realm. Merlyn sent James to Earth-616 to father the champion who would be known as Captain Britain. In England, Sir James established a distinguished career as a research scientist. He married Lady Braddock, set up home at Braddock Manor and had a child, named Jamie, whose subverted genes made him unfit to be the hero Merlyn expected. Almost a decade later, Braddock had two more children, the twins Brian and Elizabeth, nicknamed "Betsy".[46] As a child, Betsy was closer to her older brother Jamie than to her twin brother Brian, idolizing Jamie for his adventurous lifestyle as a racing driver.[8][57] When Betsy was a teenager, she moved to New York City to pursue a modelling career, where her telepathic mutant powers activated in a traumatic experience.[58] It was never revealed what consequences transpired from Betsy's power activation, since she seemed not to be able access them in her early adult years.

Betsy's parents were killed in an explosion caused by the malfunctioning computer Mastermind.[59] After their deaths, Betsy worked as a charter pilot.[1] Soon after Brian became the hero Captain Britain, Betsy alerted him that their brother Jamie had been injured when testing his racing car in the grounds of Braddock Manor in an apparent attack. Betsy flew Brian back to the Manor, but their plane was downed by the psychic powers of Dr. Synne.[1] Luckily, both survived the second accident, but Dr. Synne mind-controlled Betsy into trying to kill her brothers. The Braddock brothers managed to overpower her.[60]

Following the incident, Betsy was taken to the nearby Morder Research Centre, unwittingly being delivered into the hands of one of Synne's agents, Dr. Ramsey.[61] Brian defeated Synne, and Ramsey reverted to his true allegiances as an agent of the Nazi Red Skull, claiming Betsy and Jamie as hostages.[62] Both were freed by Captain Britain and his new ally, Captain America.[63] Some time later, Betsy had a visionary dream warning her of Brian's peril when fighting the mad Lord Hawk:[64] an indication of her mutant psychic abilities.


Betsy quit the charter business and took up modelling,[65] gaining international praise in her career.[28] As her psychic powers grew, she made mental contact with a S.T.R.I.K.E. Psi agent, being recruited by Agent Matthew, with whom she pursued a brief romance. Some time later, Betsy became the lover of fellow psi, Tom Lennox.[2] Maintaining her modelling career as a cover for S.T.R.I.K.E., Betsy attempted to infiltrate the Hellfire Club, where her father had been a member, but she was warned off by Tessa.[28] Around this period, also at the Hellfire Club, she met the X-Man Warren Worthington III.[66]

Against the Warpies

Betsy had lost track of her brother while he adventured in America and in the Otherworld. He returned in time to save her when S.T.R.I.K.E. psis were targeted for assassination by the Slaymaster, who had been hired by the crime-lord Vixen to cover her takeover of S.T.R.I.K.E. Betsy, Tom, and Alison Double sought refuge in Braddock Manor, but soon had to flee from there as Brian and his allies, Saturnyne and the Special Executive, battled against a hero-killing, extra-dimensional cybiote, the Fury.[47]

With the insane mutant reality-warper, Mad Jim Jaspers, taking over the country, Betsy and her friends hid out in London.[5] Tom was killed, and Betsy and Alison were captured by Jaspers' forces.[67] The two women ended up in a concentration camp until Jaspers' reign was brought to an end, partially by the efforts of Captain Britain. Betsy, who had been in mental contact with Tom when he died, met and convalesced under the care of Victoria Bentley at the camp. Victoria not only helped her recover, but taught her to harness the trauma she had experienced to strengthen her psi powers.[68]

Captain Britain

Being offered Captain Britain's mantle

Betsy eventually returned home to Braddock Manor,[69] where Brian fought a counterpart of his from another reality, the sadist Kaptain Briton. Briton won the encounter, impersonating Brian, while extra-dimensional mercenaries, the Technet, took Brian to Briton's fascist reality.[70] Briton tried to rape Betsy, but she fried his brain with her psychic abilities, killing him instantly.[71] Subsequently, R.C.X., the agency which had replaced S.T.R.I.K.E., came to Braddock Manor seeking Captain Britain's aid to help take care of the Warpies, children who were genetically altered by Jaspers' attack. One of the agents who made the approach was Betsy's old flame, Matthew (now using the codename Gabriel). Brian refused to work with them, much to Betsy's rage, and they were advised by the computer Mastermind to trick him and his girlfriend, Meggan, into leaving Braddock Manor.[72] Gabriel then persuaded Betsy to become the new Captain Britain.[48]

Wearing Kaptain Briton's costume magnified Betsy's strength and enabled her to fly. The hero Captain UK trained Betsy in crime fighting skills, and they became partners for several months. Captain UK eventually opted to let Betsy follow a solo career as Captain Britain. Soon after, the Vixen lured Betsy into an ambush, where Slaymaster brutally blinded her. Brian felt his twin's pain through the psychic bond they shared. He came to Betsy's rescue, killing Slaymaster, and once again took up the Captain Britain mantle.[48] Betsy was offered new cybernetic eyes by R.C.X., but refused, preferring to rely on her telepathy to see. Betsy later accepted Gabriel's proposal of marriage and the engaged couple traveled to the Swiss Alps, where they hoped Betsy could recuperate in peace.[49]


Unfortunately, Betsy was kidnapped from the Alps by Mojo and Spiral, being surgically given artificial eyes. Mojo mentally controlled Betsy, renaming her Psylocke, and had her star in a popular new show, the Wildways, using her to lure children around the world into joining his junior team show, the Bratpack. When Mojo captured some of Professor Xavier's New Mutants, the rest of the group went to the TV show reality to save their teammates. Betsy was found and rescued by Cypher and Warlock, and chose to stay at the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, as her powers were mutant in origin.[6] Her bionic eyes were revealed to be cameras when Mojo transformed the X-Men into the X-Babies to film their adventures. Betsy and the New Mutants battled the de-aged X-Men to break them free of their brainwashing and defeat the spineless one.[7]

Confronting Sabretooth at the X-Mansion

The massacre of the Morlocks occurred shortly thereafter. Betsy was charged with helping the wounded and staying in telepathic contact with the members of the X-Men who were in combat with the Marauders.[73] After the first strike, Betsy faced the savage Sabretooth in a brawl throughout the X-Mansion, destroying Cerebro. Impressed by Betsy's courage, the battle-ravaged X-Men offered her a position on the team, which she accepted, adopting the code name Psylocke.[74] Next, Betsy fought Malice with the X-Men.[75] This was followed by a confrontation on Muir Island between Juggernaut and the newest X-Men members—Psylocke, Rogue, Dazzler, and Longshot—which served as a baptism of fire for them.[76] Back in New York, X-Men leader Storm decided that, in order to safeguard their friends and families from their many enemies, the X-Men should go underground as a proactive strike force. Unexpectedly, Havok showed up to check on the team, and Storm ordered Betsy to erase the event from his memory. However, due to Professor Xavier's mental defenses, he remembered. Psylocke suggested killing Havok instead, much to his horror, although he still joined the team.[77]

When Brian and Meggan visited the X-Mansion, the X-Men were abducted by Horde, who planned to use them to retrieve the Crystal of Ultimate Vision from the Citadel of Light and Shadow, where it was hidden. Illusions of each of the X-Men's most wished desires were cast. Psylocke was transformed into a metallic warrior as her heart desired physical invulnerability and she sacrificed herself to slow Horde down. Wolverine, empowered to godhood, rejected this power, returning the X-Men and their friends home.[78]

Manifesting her iconic psychic butterfly

The X-Men briefly made Alcatraz Island their new hideout when tracking the Marauders, who at the time hunted Madelyne Pryor. Psylocke mainly acted as the psychic link between the members of the group.[79]

Fall of the X-Men

When Storm went missing, the X-Men searched for her at Forge's Eagle Plaza in Dallas, Texas, where they were attacked by Freedom Force. During the fight, a rift opened in the sky of Dallas and a maelstrom of bizarre events ensued. The X-Men and Freedom Force formed a temporary alliance to save the citizens of Dallas, until Psylocke recognized Roma in Colossus' recent memories. Gaining access into the Starlight Citadel, the X-Men battled the Adversary and sacrificed their lives to imprison him with a spell cast by Forge. These events had been broadcast on TV and the world believed the heroes to be dead. Roma actually restored the X-Men to life, and the X-Men used the opportunity to go underground.[80]

The group resurfaced in Australia, occupying the former Reavers' hideout and freeing Gateway and Jessán Hoan in the process. With the Reavers thrown out, Roma presented the X-Men with the Siege Perilous, a gem that created a portal which granted any person who walked through it judgment and a new chance at life.[44] Psylocke began wearing a body armor that Wolverine ordered from Landau, Luckman & Lake to prevent herself from being a liability to the team.[81] During this period, the X-Men battled the Brood in Denver[82] and Magistrates in Genosha.[83] In the Reavers' hideout, Psylocke had various interactions with her teammates: during a training session, she psychically freed Carol Danvers' personality from Rogue's mind;[84] and, to pass the time, she would pose for Colossus' painting.[85]

Activating the Siege Perilous

When Inferno was unleashed, Psylocke telepathically assisted the X-Men into probing into Jean Grey's memories.[86] Soon after, she went with Carol Danvers, in Rogue's body, to her old apartment, where they were attacked by the Master Mold and Nimrod. Senator Robert Kelly's wife was killed there and Betsy attempted to ease the pain of her passing. During the battle, the Master Mold absorbed Nimrod and got lost with Rogue by entering the Siege Perilous.[87] The X-Men had other losses: Longshot left to find clues to his origins and Storm was apparently killed by Nanny.[88] Psylocke assumed a leading role for the remaining X-Men, much to Havok's dislike, as he regarded Betsy as an unscrupulous telepath.[89]

The remaining X-Men went to the Savage Land following a call for help from Polaris. On the Savage Land, Psylocke had a premonition about the X-Men being slain by the Reavers.[90] Psylocke opted to transport the X-Men through the Siege Perilous rather than face the threat of the Reavers, now led by Donald Pierce. To convince Havok to go through the Siege Perilous, she confirmed his suspicions as she telepathically forced him to do so.[91]

Body Swap

Brainwashed by Matsu'o Tsurayaba into becoming Lady Mandarin

Psylocke emerged in Southeast Asia. In one of her more bizarre encounters, Hand crime lord Matsu'o Tsurayaba captured her[43] and had her switch bodies with his lover, an Asian assassin known as Kwannon.[8][92] Psylocke was additionally brainwashed into becoming Lady Mandarin, working for the Mandarin in Hong Kong. She would regain her free will after establishing psychic contact with Wolverine.[93] The experience left Betsy and Kwannon physically switched and mentally merged. Psylocke, joined by Wolverine and Jubilee, stayed in Madripoor[94] until the trio learned the New Mutants were captured by the Genoshan government, as part of an X-Tinction Agenda led by Cameron Hodge. They travelled to Genosha and rejoined the X-Men.[95]

Back in Westchester, Psylocke had to cope with the drastic changes she had undergone. At the X-Mansion, she and Jean Grey were attacked by the Shadow King.[96] Some time later, the X-Men retrieved Professor X from the Shi'ar Empire, after fighting Skrulls, when Psylocke was momentarily replaced by a War Skrull.[97] Once more led by Professor X, the X-Men faced the Shadow King on Muir Island, and Psylocke fell into his vile clutches.[98]

Blue Strike Force

Striking at Magneto

With the Shadow King defeated, X-Factor (Earth-616) merged into the X-Men, and Psylocke became part of Cyclops' Blue Team, clashing in their first mission against her former ally Magneto and his Acolytes.[99] In their following mission, Psylocke proved to be especially useful for the team as they fought Matsu'o Tsurayaba and the Hand. Psylocke's loyalty to the X-Men was put to the test when she pretended to be under Matsu'o's influence only to betray him and Omega Red, ruining their plans.[100]

Betsy travelled to England[101] to attend a party held by her brother Brian, now part of the British super-hero team, Excalibur. The party was interrupted when Psylocke psychically felt Brigadier Sandy Stuart being murdered by her brother, Jamie, under orders of Mastrex Opul Lun Sat-Yr-Nin.[102] With his recently discovered mutant powers, Jamie easily subdued Psylocke as he was mentally detached from reality. Since Meggan was immune to Jamie's powers, Psylocke managed to stab Jamie's brain with her psychic-knife, leaving the brother she adored in a catatonic state.[103]

Investigating her past

Back at the X-Mansion, Betsy was shown to be attracted to Cyclops. She started to flirt with her leader, attempting to seduce him.[104][101][105][106] The situation escalated when Betsy kissed him, suggesting an affair. Cyclops rejected her and claimed he was committed to Jean, who later questioned Psylocke in the Danger Room about the situation. Psylocke denied Jean's accusations and stabbed her with her psychic knife. Unexpectedly, Kwannon showed up, fought Psylocke and won, claiming that she was the real Elizabeth Braddock.[9] The X-Men couldn't confirm which woman was the real Betsy Braddock and went to Japan to meet Lord Nyoirin, a crime lord who Kwannon claimed to be Psylocke's master. Little did this trip help in answering questions about Psylocke's true identity.[107]

With Archangel

Kwannon returned with the X-Men and joined the team as Revanche, causing immense discomfort between her and Psylocke in the team. Not long after, Revanche contracted the Legacy Virus.[108] Revanche had Tsurayaba kill her before the virus could, still in Psylocke's original body. As Revanche died, her telepathic powers reached their peak due to the infection, revealing the full truth about the body swap. She also absorbed all of her memories and her personality traits from Betsy's mind. Betsy lived, certain of her identity, but was trapped in Kwannon's body.[50] While Betsy went through this identity crisis, she got close to her fellow teammate, Warren Worthington III, a.k.a. Archangel.[109] Eventually, recognizing they had much in common as both had experienced radical changes, body and soul, they started a relationship.[110]

Crimson Dawn

Sabretooth, when kept captive in the X-Mansion, nearly killed Psylocke when she tried to protect Boomer from him.[111] Wolverine, Archangel, Doctor Strange, and Gomurr the Ancient used the mystical force of the Crimson Dawn to save Psylocke, imprinting on her face the mark of the Crimson Dawn, a red tattoo covering her left eye.[112] Her fighting and telepathic skills were enhanced, and she could now transport through and become one with shadows. The Crimson Dawn also changed Psylocke's personality profoundly as she grew more mysterious and distant from Warren and the other X-Men.[113] Kuragari, conqueror of the Crimson Dawn realm, attempted to corrupt Psylocke and turn her into his dread queen. Archangel and Psylocke defeated the tyrant and left the X-Mansion permanently, retiring from their activities as X-Men.[114]

Brutalized by Sabretooth

Assisting the X-Men, Psylocke was tricked by the Shadow King into producing a psi-wave, removing all mutant telepathy and allowing him to control every mind on Earth. Although she should have died, Betsy's Crimson Dawn powers saved her once more. In a foolish mistake, the Shadow King expanded his powers too far which made his personal nexus exposed. Psylocke defeated the Shadow King, sacrificing her telepathy by keeping him trapped within her mind.[115]

Death and Resurrection

Following the Twelve incident, Psylocke developed robust telekinetic powers, a result of a powerset exchange with Jean Grey, who in turn acquired Psylocke's telepathy.[116] Without fine control over her new telekinetic abilities, she rejoined the X-Men, being immediately attracted to new member Thunderbird.[117][118] Psylocke and Archangel tried to maintain their eroded relationship, even engaging in some adventures by themselves, such as fighting the Twisted Sisters,[119] but eventually Archangel broke up with Psylocke after admitting their relationship had hit a dead end. After the break-up, Psylocke joined Storm's X-Treme X-Men squad, started a relationship with Thunderbird. The new team left the Xavier Institute to search for Destiny's diaries.[120]

When Brian started experiencing nightmares at Braddock Manor, Meggan called Betsy to help him. Brian confessed to his sister he had lost his confidence as Captain Britain. Before anything could be discussed, they learned from Captain UK that Roma had gone mad, threatening the Otherworld. There, Psylocke was imprisoned by the Warpies she once protected. Soon the Braddocks learned who was behind the attack: the computer Mastermind, who impersonated Roma and used the Warpies do gain control of the Sword of Might and the Amulet of Power. Psylocke broke free as Mastermind wasn't aware of her new telekinetic powers. With Mastermind defeated, Brian assumed the Otherworld's throne.[121]

Psylocke's death

In Valencia, Storm's X-Men were captured by the national police.[26] Psylocke was separated from the team with Beast and Rogue, when Vargas suddenly showed up intending to kill Rogue. The last one standing, Psylocke duelled Vargas to protect her friends, but was impaled through the chest by Vargas and ultimately killed.[51]

Months later, Psylocke mysteriously appeared out of the blue in the exact spot she died, without her Crimson Dawn tattoo. Storm's X-Men squad was contacted to retrieve Psylocke and, after running numerous tests, it was proven Betsy was the real deal.[122] Initially, the X-Men were cautious of Psylocke's presence and kept her restrained, until they were attacked by the Hauk'ka and Psylocke joined forces with X-23 to help the team on the Savage Land.[123] Joining Storm's X-Men, Psylocke was reunited with her friends in a changed world, where Cyclops and Emma Frost ran the Xavier Institute, presumed dead teammates Colossus and Rachel Grey were alive, and Jean Grey had died.[25]

Psylocke experienced visions of her brother Jamie, leading her to form a friendship with Rachel Grey, who experienced the same visions. Jamie's machinations proved to be real when the Scarlet Witch rewrote the entire reality: though Rachel tried to protect herself and Betsy, Jamie forced them into the new reality.[124] Then, Psylocke and Rachel were influenced into finding a reality breach that represented a threat to all existence,[125] which was fixed by Meggan's sacrifice.[126]

Jamie, confirming Betsy's suspicions, claimed he was responsible for her resurrection, needing her assistance against a group known as the Foursaken, led by the menacing First Fallen, a polar opposite of the Phoenix. When resurrected, Psylocke became untrackable by telepathy or technology and was immune to reality-warping, being forged into the weapon Jamie needed.[127] The Foursaken and the First Fallen were defeated by Psylocke, and Jamie's whereabouts were unknown after he apparently sacrificed himself to save her life.[128]


Meeting the Slaymaster from Earth-1720

Immediately after M-Day, Psylocke and other X-Men flew to London to help Captain Britain deal with the after-effects of the Decimation and the death of his wife. There, they were attacked by Charles Xavier and his five original X-Men from an alternate reality, reforming the mutant group Excalibur.[129] In another battle between Excalibur and these evil X-Men, Psylocke learned that Xavier was in fact the Shadow King, who was freed after her death. Psylocke confronted him, but was ripped from the time-stream[130] by Heather Hudson, finding herself in the Panoptichron, headquarters of the Exiles. There, she met an alternate version of Sabretooth, a man she hated in her native reality. However, this Sabretooth proved to be a hero, and they quickly became close to each other. Recruited to the Exiles, Psylocke helped them save their teammates from a version of Hydra led by Susan Storm and Wolverine.[131] During the mission, Psylocke had to face a version of one of her deadliest foes, the Slaymaster. The Exiles finished their mission at the cost of Hydra escaping through the Multiverse.[132] As an Exile, Psylocke was integral in the group's restructuring as several members left to pursue their own lives elsewhere.[133]

Many of the Exiles had ties to Earth-616 and decided to make a visit, meeting Excalibur at a party. The reunion was interrupted when Brian was wounded by Rouge-Mort. Psylocke took her brother and Excalibur to the Panoptichron where they noticed an attack in course against the Multiverse, carried out by Mad Jim Jaspers, now merged with the Fury. Psylocke learned Merlyn was behind the attacks. While Brian fought Jaspers, Psylocke struck against Merlyn, both defeating the villains. Psylocke decided to stay as a member of the Exiles, realizing how crucial was the job they did for the Multiverse.[134]

Psylocke and Sabretooth became co-leaders of the Exiles and engaged in an unresolved romantic relationship.[135] The team was still being hunted by Hydra,[136] Slaymaster being specifically interested in massacring alternate versions of Betsy across realities.[137] In one of their adventures, Psylocke led the Exiles to Earth-80827. Upon their arrival, Psylocke was possessed by remnants of Lady Mandarin, her alternate self from that reality who had just been killed by the Slaymaster. Psylocke met Lady Mandarin's master, Ogun, who trained her into becoming his new assassin, forging her into the warrior who would kill her aggressor.[138] In a following mission, Psylocke finally faced the Slaymaster, but, before his defeat, he escaped again.[139] She eventually slew him on the streets of Earth-616 London, finally stopping his cross-reality massacre of her counterparts.[140]

Return to Earth-616

Brainwashed by the Sisterhood

The Exiles disbanded, and Psylocke was found between dimensions by Madelyne Pryor's Sisterhood, who brought Betsy's original body from Kwannon's grave, transferring Betsy's mind back to it. Brainwashed, Psylocke assisted the Sisterhood in attacking the X-Men. However, she was able to resist her brainwashing, and was restored to her Asian body as her original body was fatally wounded by Dazzler. Psylocke rejoined the X-Men and Madelyne perished.[141] After her experience with the Sisterhood, Psylocke revealed she had regained her telepathy. She then traveled back in time with the X-Club, to study the birth of mutantkind and find a way to reverse M-Day.[22] As the X-Club returned to the present, Psylocke helped them relocate the X-Men to the island of Utopia, as a reaction to Norman Osborn's hunt for mutants on American soil.[142]

On Utopia, at peace, after Matsu'o's death

Psylocke had to provide a second burial of her original body. She took her corpse back to Tokyo, where it had been originally buried. At the cemetery, she was attacked by ninjas sent by Matsu'o Tsurayaba. She survived the attack and decided to put Matsu'o down for good.[143] At his hideout mansion, Psylocke was impeded from reaching Matsu'o by Yukio. Knocking Yukio out, Psylocke met the Jinn who also wanted Matsu'o dead.[144] They to another of Matsu'o's hideouts, where he was found him in miserable condition and revealed he had arranged for his own death.[145] Throughout the years, Wolverine had gradually mutilated Matsu'o for his part in Mariko Yashida's death. Matsu'o's attack on Psylocke was actually an elaborate suicide scheme. A violent confrontation between Psylocke and Wolverine occurred, and Wolverine eventually gave up fighting for Matsu'o's life. As Wolverine left, he mentioned Psylocke's recent death wish attitude. Psylocke finally put Matsu'o out of his misery by stabbing him with her psychic knife.[146]

On Utopia, Psylocke was part of several X-Men missions and events. She witnessed the death of Dr. Yuriko Takiguchi, a dear friend to her;[147] stood for Utopia against Predators X;[148] assisted in a telepathic fight against a Void fragment;[149] teamed up with Wolverine, Colossus and Fantomex to combat the New U-Men;[150] confronted a newly resurrected Proteus on Muir Island;[151] and was on the team responsible for retrieving and returning Hope Summers to Utopia, fighting Bastion's Human Council in the process.[152]

Uncanny X-Force

Finding Apocalypse

After the return of Hope Summers, Cyclops ordered the disbanding of X-Force. Wolverine disassembled the squadron, but turned to his closer allies to continue X-Force in secrecy. Psylocke joined the reformed X-Force with Deadpool, Fantomex, and her former lover Archangel.[20] Betsy and Warren rekindled their relationship, as she was helping him to control his Death/Archangel persona. The team's first objective was to stop the resurrection of Apocalypse, a personal interest for Archangel, who had been a Horseman of Apocalypse.[39][54] The team battled Clan Akkaba and the Final Horsemen of Apocalypse on the Moon. Psylocke faced off War, who fell in love with her as Fantomex psychically manipulated him into it. This allowed her to get to Apocalypse's chambers, where she learned he was resurrected as a child, preventing her from killing him in cold blood. While X-Force debated Apocalypse's fate among themselves, Fantomex shot him dead, leaving the group profoundly affected and divided.[153]

As one of their following tasks, X-Force learned the Reavers were back, now led by Lady Deathstrike. Their intel suggested the Reavers planned on attacking Utopia. Psylocke was conflicted, not only because the Reavers were responsible for her entering the Siege Perilous, but also because she found herself elated by killing villains such as them. While the rest of X-Force battled the Reavers in the Australian Outback, Psylocke followed some of them who teleported to Utopia. There, she slaughtered them without being spotted by any of the X-Men, proving to be a true assassin.[154]

When Deadpool went missing during a recon mission at a military base in Tennessee, Psylocke and X-Force reencountered one of her worst enemies again: the Shadow King. Psylocke fought the Shadow King on the astral plane, while Fantomex protected her body, as he was immune to Shadow King's psychic influence. The Shadow King probed into X-Force's darkest secrets and learned about Apocalypse's assassination. He also telepathically freed Archangel, undoing all the work Psylocke went through with Warren.[155]

Age of Archangel

Joining Archangel in hopes of saving him

Apocalypse's death triggered an ascension protocol within Warren to turn him into Archangel, the heir of Apocalypse. X-Force became aware of this after Warren tried to kill a reporter, to whom the Shadow King had delivered files on the secret team.[156] X-Force imprisoned Archangel in their headquarters, Cavern-X, and traveled to the Age of Apocalypse under the direction of the Dark Beast, seeking to claim a Life Seed to counter the Death Seed within Warren. Initially, the group clashed with the X-Men from that universe, who regarded the Dark Beast a vile enemy. The conflict was de-escalated by Psylocke, who recognized Sabretooth from their time with the Exiles. Abandoned by Dark Beast, X-Force teamed up with the X-Men to claim a Life Seed and return to their world. During their time in the Age of Apocalypse, Psylocke and Fantomex shared a kiss, a result of a brief battle sparked by Fantomex, who accused Psylocke of being in a distant relationship with Warren. Unexpectedly, upon their return to their home reality, X-Force encountered Archangel, who had been freed by the Dark Beast and had Cavern-X overrun by Clan Akkaba.[157] X-Force was massacred by Archangel's forces, and Psylocke faced off with him personally, missing a hit on purpose since she was not capable of killing him. Betsy surrendered herself, hoping to appeal to whatever was left of Warren.[158]

Brainwashed as Death

Archangel revealed his plan to Psylocke as they reached the Akkaba Metropolis. Using Genocide and the Doom Fountain, he would scour all life from the world, replacing it with new life grown from the Life Seed. As a test run, a small town in Montana was destroyed and regrown as Tabula Rasa.[159] When X-Force led to the demise of the Final Horseman of Death, Archangel determined to replace him with Psylocke using a Death Seed gathered from the Dreaming Celestial.[160]

Stabbing Warren with the Life Seed

The remaining X-Men from the Age of Apocalypse reality arrived to aid X-Force. The version of Jean Grey of that world managed to un-brainwash Psylocke after her psi-shields were downed when she was tricked into believing she had killed Fantomex. Jean's intervention expanded Psylocke's telepathic abilities immensely. Psylocke and Fantomex then fought Archangel to the death, with Psylocke stabbing Warren with the Life Seed and supposedly killing him. Betsy mourned for killing the love of her life, although Warren reappeared with no memory of who he was. Psylocke attempted to rekindle their relationship until realizing the person she loved was gone forever and only a tabula rasa remained.[161]

Following the schism between Cyclops' and Wolverine's factions of the X-Men, Psylocke remained both a member of X-Force, as an ally of Wolverine, as well as being assigned to a team in Utopia, as an ally of Cyclops.[162][163] Tabula Rasa was still something to be attended to; for that purpose, Psylocke went to Cyclops' X-Tinction Team, which investigated the mysterious alien environment. During the mission, Magneto recognized that what happened in Tabula Rasa had the involvement of X-Force, a secret he was glad to share with Psylocke only.[164]

The Battle for the Otherworld

As Lady Britain

After sending Warren to the Jean Grey School, Psylocke and Fantomex were kidnapped from Cavern-X by the Captain Britain Corps. Psylocke was shocked to see her older brother Jamie alive and working with Brian at the Corps. The Braddock brothers confronted Betsy over her actions as a member of X-Force and, as Otherworld was being invaded by inter-dimensional forces, they offered her her original body and her inherited mantle as Lady Britain. Meanwhile, for killing the child Apocalypse, Fantomex was put on trial by the Corps, who used Brian's reformed psychic connection to his sister as evidence. Fantomex was sentenced to death by injection with an anti-reality serum.[165]

As Lady Britain, Psylocke rescued Fantomex from the Corps, and the fugitives went to the Forest of Sorrows. To save Fantomex from the anti-reality serum, Psylocke made a deal with Krokwel giving up her ability to feel sorrow. Fantomex was safe for the moment, until they were ambushed by the Skinless Man. Psylocke, Fantomex and the Skinless Man had a complicated history together: Fantomex caused the Skinless Man to be arrested by Otherworld's forces, where he was sentenced to have his skin removed by Psylocke's father. A vengeful Skinless Man ripped Fantomex’s face off. Psylocke intervened by apparently killing the Skinless Man. The duo then headed to assist X-Force, who were in the Otherworld fighting the inter-dimensional invasion while searching for their missing teammates.[166]

Telepathically forcing Brian to kill Jamie

As Psylocke joined the fight, she learned that the leader of the invasion was a future version of Jamie. Betsy asked Brian to put their brother down, since millions of souls were being reaped by Jamie every second. As Brian refused to do so, Psylocke telepathically forced him to kill their brother in order to prevent this future from happening. As Jamie died, Betsy acknowledged that Brian knew how necessary what she had done was. Still, he chose Betsy as executioner while he remained a hero.[57] After Jamie's funeral, in need of feeling something, Betsy finally surrendered to Fantomex's romantic advances.[167]

Final Execution

After all that had happened, Psylocke decided to leave X-Force. At her apartment, she was kidnapped by the Shadow King, who was a member of a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, formed by several enemies of X-Force who learned about their activities. They kidnapped Evan, Apocalypse's clone created by Fantomex, and intended to force him to rise as the new Apocalypse. Shadow King telepathically tortured Psylocke until she was rescued by Fantomex, who gave her his telepathy-blocking hood, leaving himself vulnerable. He managed to send Psylocke away with E.V.A. before being killed by the Skinless Man.[168]

E.V.A. took Psylocke to Cavern-X, where Ultimaton, who had reverted to his original programming of killing mutants after Fantomex's death, snapped Gateway's neck and self-detonated. Psylocke managed to send X-Force away by hacking into Gateway's teleportation powers.[169] X-Force was transported 30 years to a future where Evan had ascended as Apocalypse. Deathlok explained that this forced Wolverine to assemble an X-Force team to kill the new Apocalypse. Led by Betsy, known as Magistrate Braddock, X-Force had killed all the world's criminals and telepathically tracked and terminated people before they committed crimes in a preventative manner.[170]

Psylocke's final execution

When Wolverine and X-Force from the present were unrepentant about this course of action, Deathlok attempted to kill them to prevent this totalitarian future from happening. He failed when he was destroyed by Cable. Before being sent back by future X-Force, Psylocke escaped and resolved to prevent this future by killing Magistrate Braddock, her future self. She realized that this would not save the present, since she would still commit the same mistakes. To ensure Fantomex's sacrifice meant something, Psylocke carried on her final execution: suicide, by stabbing herself through the gut with her own katana.[170] Being interrupted by future Punisher and Cable, Psylocke failed when she passed out and was saved by her team-mate Nightcrawler. Healed from her injuries, Psylocke talked with her future self before returning to the present with X-Force.[171]

Back in the present, X-Force headed to Genosha to save Evan from the Brotherhood. As their first strike, Psylocke subdued Mystique using her telepathy. X-Force argued about whether or not to kill Evan should he become Apocalypse.[172] Wolverine and Psylocke sneaked into the enemies' underwater base. Wolverine handled most of the enemies while Psylocke furtively searched for Evan and Deadpool. She was telepathically ambushed by the Shadow King and purposely gave herself temporary amnesia to escape the astral plane.[173] She then telepathically forced Omega White to absorb the Shadow King, leaving him trapped in a comatose body and freeing Evan's mind. Psylocke also decided not to claim the Shadow King's life, departing from the Brotherhood's base with X-Force and Evan. Leaving her katana behind as it sank into Hammer Bay, Psylocke vowed never to kill again.[174]

Making a vow never to kill again

On Otherworld, Betsy reconciled with Brian. Back on Earth, she was met by Wolverine, who told her there was still one complication left unsolved with X-Force. They left in E.V.A. and met Deadpool at White Sky Headquarters, where Fantomex emerged from a cloning machine with two other Fantomexes: one of them villainous, called Weapon XIII, who teleported away, and the other one a female called Cluster. When Fantomex's body was found, all of his three brains were intact. E.V.A. wished to create a new body for him, but Deadpool operated the machine recklessly, generating an individual body for each of Fantomex's brains. Psylocke left with Fantomex and Cluster to meet his mother in the French Alps, where Psylocke and Fantomex shared a kiss, starting a new chapter of their lives without X-Force.[175]

Fall of Utopia and a new X-Force

In the war between the X-Men and the Avengers, Psylocke initially stood with the X-Men, personally facing off against Daredevil.[176] During the initial conflicts, some X-Men were possessed by the Phoenix, becoming the Phoenix Five.[177] Psylocke assisted the Phoenix Five in battling Mister Sinister in Sinister London.[178] However, as the Phoenix Five proved to be mentally and morally unstable, Psylocke left Utopia and supported the Avengers against the Phoenix.[179]

Betsy lived a frivolous life with Fantomex in Paris, where she was convinced to start thieving. However, Psylocke eventually realized that the man she fell in love was really torn in three, Cluster being the best part of him. The two women engaged in a romantic relationship, leaving a jealous Fantomex out of their private affairs. When performing a theft at the Louvre Museum, Fantomex set Psylocke up, and some guards were killed as she escaped, much to her despair. Betrayed, Psylocke was cast out of Fantomex's life and went to the Jean Grey School.[180]

Striking at Spiral

Dismissed from teaching by Wolverine, due to her rage issues, Psylocke was assigned to a mission with Storm and Puck concerning a drug dealer in L.A.. The dealer was recognized as Spiral, and Betsy instinctively attacked her former oppressor. Meanwhile, Storm and Puck found a telepath girl named Ginny, the "source" of Spiral's telepathic drug.[12] As Spiral teleported away with Ginny, the three heroes were interrupted by Bishop, who returned from the future possessed by the Demon Bear.[181] Psylocke, Storm and Spiral decided to rescue Ginny from Bishop, who kidnapped her. When Psylocke telepathically tracked and stabbed Bishop with her psychic knife, she found out his psyche was not only inhabited by the Demon Bear,[58] but also with another presence, who possessed Ginny. As Ginny vanished, Psylocke decided to settle matters with Spiral for good, after many years of aggressions, but when push came to shove she decided to absolve Spiral.[182]

Psylocke probed into Bishop's mind in search of answers. She learned that the Demon Bear and the other presence, a Ghost Owl, had infiltrated Bishop's mind in the future. The Demon Bear was tearing Bishop's psyche apart. While Psylocke fought the Demon Bear on the astral plane, her body was stolen by Cluster,[183] who expected Psylocke to rescue Fantomex from Weapon XIII. Psylocke was unexpectedly saved by Spiral, who confessed to Psylocke that she had been deprived from real relationships. Psylocke ultimately forgave Spiral, ending a long cycle of feuds between them. Back to the astral plane, Psylocke exorcised Bishop from the Demon Bear, incorporating it with her own powers.[184]

With Bishop safe, Psylocke decided to rescue Fantomex with Cluster. On Madripoor, they were ambushed by Weapon XIII's misdirection powers and were kept captive by him.[185] Weapon XIII was in love with Psylocke to the point of devotion, and she tricked him into believing she also wanted Fantomex dead.[186] She was brought to Fantomex, and they discussed their tumultuous relationship, but Weapon XIII intervened when Psylocke could not harm Fantomex. After the conflict was over, Cluster and Fantomex decided to be merged again, though Psylocke seemed not to be interested in maintaining their relationship anymore.[187]

Killing Cassandra Nova in her original body

Bishop claimed that the terrible Ghost Owl, a.k.a. the Revenant Queen, planned to liberate an army of psychic doppelgängers known as revenants in Los Angeles. The revenants hunted Bishop down, creating revenant versions of Psylocke, Storm, and Puck[188] who were defeated. Spiral then revealed the Revenant Queen was a future version of Cassandra Nova.[189] An uncanny formation of X-Force was reassembled to combat Nova as Los Angeles was trapped into a psychic prison. Cassandra Nova started a ritual to liberate the revenants, and Psylocke was captured, losing her control over the Demon Bear to Nova.[190] Nova recreated Psylocke's revenant as Betsy's original body and offered her her body back in trade for an alliance.[191] Trapped in the revenants' underworld, Psylocke sacrificed the Demon Bear to expel Nova from Ginny's body. Without a body of her own, Nova had no choice but to possess the body she created for Psylocke. Psylocke bonded Cassandra Nova to this new body, allowing her to physically kill Nova with her katana. Betsy not only broke her vow of not killing, but also lost the chance of having her original body back. As Nova died, her macabre ritual was undone.[192]

At Jean Grey School

Psylocke eventually came back to the Jean Grey School, this time not as a teacher but as a security guard. She joined an all-female squadron led by Storm. This squad specifically dealt with diverse threats, such as artificial life-form Arkea,[193] a future version of the Brotherhood,[194] a new formation of the Sisterhood,[195] and Shogo's mysterious father.[196] During this time, Psylocke also mentored a small group of students in Danger Room sessions.[197] Storm's team also helped S.W.O.R.D. in dealing with Deathbird[198] and fought dark versions of Krakoa.[199]

Back to killing

Hope Summers, knowing Bishop was back in the present, went to Los Angeles seeking revenge. As they met, they were captured by Stryfe. This led to a clash between Storm and Psylocke's X-Force and Cable's X-Force. Soon, the teams realized that they shared a common enemy in Stryfe, joining forces to free Hope and Bishop. Stryfe was defeated and the X-Force teams disbanded. Psylocke then sought out Cable and offered her services to his new X-Force initiative.[200] The new X-Force was put together after a mutant-related terrorist incident in Alexandria put Hope in a coma. Psylocke once again worked alongside Fantomex, though now she truly despised him. X-Force eventually had intel that an arms dealer named Volga was behind the incident, since he created artificial mutants to serve him as weapons.[201] Contrary to her former vow, Psylocke had become addicted to killing as she grew more bloodthirsty, self-loathing, and broken by the day. Resorting to killing in X-Force was the only way she could feel anything at all.[202] Volga was apparently defeated revealing some of X-Force's secrets. Their newest member, MeMe, was actually Hope in disguise, something Betsy knew, but kept from her team-mates at Hope's request. Moreover, it was revealed that Cable died and was reborn in a cloned body on an daily basis,[203] something that Psylocke saw as an escape for her tormenting and conflicting feelings[37] when they started a sexual relationship with no strings attached as he had only one night to live.[204]

Downsizing Fantomex's ego

X-Force briefly met Pete Wisdom's MI13 in Afghanistan, when Psylocke personally handled her sister-in-law Meggan. The two groups joined forces to defeat Volga's remaining forces. Wisdom told Cable and Psylocke about the Yellow Eye, an agency specialized on spying mutants.[205] X-Force chased the Yellow Eye on the track for Volga, but was betrayed by an insane Fantomex driven by his feelings of superiority. Fantomex held a personal grudge against Psylocke, since she rejected and diminished him. Using Volga's technology, he improved his body, easily overpowering Psylocke. As he was about to shoot her dead, he was knocked out by Domino, who had been in Yellow Eye's custody.[206] Psylocke then turned her attention to Yellow Eye's leader, who was revealed to be Mojo. Fantomex, surviving Domino's attack, emulated Archangel's powers to harass Psylocke.[207] X-Force escaped, and, back at their base, Psylocke broke down in tears in front of Domino due to the path of violence she had travelled.[208] Fantomex followed X-Force, and Psylocke used her psychic knife to downsize his ego, the source of his insanity. Once again, Psylocke decided not to claim her opponent's life.[209]

Inhuman War

In the wake of a massive anti-mutant uprising combined with the discovery that the Terrigen Mists spread in the atmosphere were harmful to mutants, mutants were on the brink of extinction again and were more hated and feared than ever. A desperate Magneto found a mindless Archangel falling from the sky, something he believed to be a sign to reform the X-Men.[210] His first recruit was Psylocke, who not only agreed with a more direct approach to the Terrigen crisis than Storm's X-Haven, but was also interested in keeping track of Magneto's acts and tending to Archangel.[211] On their first mission, Magneto's X-Men investigated Someday Corporation, that profited from mutants' despair, and fought the Dark Riders, who targeted mutant healers. During their fights, Psylocke telepathically kept this mindless Archangel on a leash, expecting to recover his memories in the process. Soon, Psylocke realized Magneto's modus operandi differed drastically from what she was used to, since he kept being overly secretive.[212]

As an ally to Magneto

Psylocke got a hint about what had happened to Archangel and asked for Magneto's help to go to Green Ridge, Colorado. There, they found a wingless Warren, kept by Clan Akkaba, now led by Archangel's former lackey, Genocide.[213] As she investigated, Psylocke crossed paths with Fantomex, secretly on Magneto's payroll. There was still bad blood between them and they engaged in a fight. Psylocke preferred to knock him out rather than ally herself with him again. Then she learned that a choir of death formed by Archangel's clones had been created.[214] Gravely wounded by the choir, Psylocke called out for Archangel,[215] and he was fused with Warren again, obliterating the choir. Having Fantomex as a secret X-Man undermined Psylocke's relationship with Magneto even further; nevertheless she chose to stay with his X-Men to help Archangel.[216]

During the second super-human war, Psylocke and Magneto had an additional conflict, as Magneto judged the inhuman Ulysses to be a threat to mutantkind and Storm's X-Men opposed his view, supporting Captain Marvel instead. Psylocke briefly left Magneto's X-Men and joined Storm's team. After the fight between the two factions of X-Men ceased, Psylocke confronted Magneto about she being merely one of his pawns rather than a true ally.[217]

Killing Magneto

The last straw for Psylocke came to be when her team-mate M revealed that she and Magneto were part of the Hellfire Club,[218] asking Psylocke to be their Black Queen. Though furious for being kept in the dark about Magneto's alliances with Fantomex, Mystique and now Sebastian Shaw, Psylocke still helped the Hellfire Club in attacking Someday Corporation, after they started weaponizing mutants.[219] Someday was dismantled, and Psylocke rejected the Hellfire Club's offer and left the X-Men. She warned Magneto that, though she believed in his methods, she would watch his actions as an avenging angel.[220] Acting solo for a while, Psylocke dealt with menaces to mutantkind, such as Omega Sentinels, Sauron, and the Nasty Boys. She was followed by Mystique on Magneto's orders, and her way of defeating and punishing Mystique was restoring her damaged psyche, curing her of her volatile personality.[221] With the ending of the war between the X-Men and the Inhumans, Magneto's team of X-Men disbanded. Psylocke, knowing that Magneto worked to ignite the war, made good on her promise and killed him with her psychic katana after a violent combat in the Savage Land. She walked away alone, feeling the world and the X-Men were better off without both Magneto and her.[222]

A Man called X

Psylocke was in London when psychics all over the globe were targeted for death. She resisted the attack and sent a psychic call for help. Fellow X-Men who were relatively nearby went to her rescue, namely Bishop, Angel, Rogue, Gambit, and—though not directly invited—Fantomex, Old Man Logan, and Mystique. These X-Men broke Psylocke free from a psychic trap woven by the Shadow King. She was urgent in sending the X-Men to the astral plane to destroy the Shadow King before he could complete his psychic incursion.[223] On the astral plane, the X-Men found Charles Xavier trapped by the Shadow King.[224] Meanwhile, in the physical world, the Shadow King possessed several people, creating an army of slaves. Psylocke was forced to guide Angel into freeing the Archangel persona, so he could detain the Shadow King's minions.[225] The X-Men seemingly killed the Shadow King on the astral plane and Charles Xavier returned to life in Fantomex's body, calling himself X and greeting a shocked Psylocke upon his return.[226]

Leaving Fantomex on the astral plane

Psylocke looked for Fantomex on the astral plane, where he explained that he believed Xavier deserved to be back since he was a nobler man. Psylocke left the astral plane showing tenderness towards Fantomex after years of bearing a grudge. Back in the real world, the Shadow King's infection did not simply vanish as he died, since Proteus was freed by it.[227] Psylocke and X joined forces to reach Proteus. While Psylocke gave him the benefit of the doubt, X was adamant about killing him. This disagreement allowed Proteus to strike at them, merging their minds and body.[228] Psylocke only recovered herself by having Archangel as an anchor.[229] As the X-Men tried to stop Proteus from bringing the astral plane to the physical world, Psylocke and X telepathically destroyed him.[230] However, it was revealed that the Shadow King had hidden himself inside X's mind, and Psylocke led the X-Men to battle him again. As X recovered, he linked Psylocke's mind to those of all psychics in the world, expanding their telepathy and allowing Psylocke to repair the astral plane, while he killed off the Shadow King. X forced the X-Men to forget about his existence, but decided to let Psylocke know he was back and that he had a new dream.[231]

Madripoor Mystery

Restored to her original body

When Wolverine's body disappeared from his final resting place,[232] Kitty Pryde assembled a group of X-Women—including Psylocke—to confront Magneto in his base of operations in Madripoor, since they determined he was a potential suspect. The mutant heroines were ambushed by a local crime ring, Viper's Femme Fatales. The psychic vampire Sapphire Styx absorbed the entirety of Betsy's soul at once, leaving her body dead.[233] Finding herself inside Sapphire Styx's mind, Betsy fought her way back with assistance from a fragment of Wolverine's soul the villainess had absorbed years earlier. Psylocke destroyed Sapphire Styx from the inside, and used the remaining soul power left behind to recreate her original body, molecule by molecule. Psylocke was finally herself again, no longer attached to Kwannon's destiny.[234] She then rejoined the X-Men, returning to the Xavier Institute.[32]

Age of X-Man

As a member of the X-Men, Psylocke grew close to Angel again. When the X-Men were caught amidst a riot ignited by Jamie Madrox, Psylocke and Angel helped to control the mob. Angel mysteriously vanished during the conflict, leaving Psylocke confused.[235] Madrox's actions were succeeded by unexplained phenomena the X-Men went to assess. In these missions, Psylocke constantly coordinated with Jean Grey telepathically.[236] Madrox's actions were orchestrated by Legion, who wanted to prevent an insane Nate Grey from rewriting the reality using the Life Seed. Psylocke recognized Angel was one of Nate Grey's Horsemen of Salvation after they destroyed the X-Mansion.[237] To free Angel from Nate Grey's control, Psylocke did the unimaginable: she once again freed Archangel from the depths of his mind, ruining their relationship forever.[238] Psylocke then sent Bishop to the inside of Legion's psyche to save some of the New X-Men, who were trapped there with Nate Grey. Her actions freed Nate Grey, who now had control over Legion's body and powers.[239] During the fight, Psylocke and a resentful Archangel teamed up to liberate Storm from being a Horseman of Salvation. Then, Psylocke linked all the X-Men telepaths to down Nate Grey's defenses, allowing Jean Grey to reach him, though as a result he created a pocket reality as he originally had planned, bringing dozens of X-Men with him.[240]

In this new reality, everyone on Earth was a mutant and any relationships were strongly discouraged or illegal. Psylocke was a member of Department X, the police force in charge of investigating and arresting dissident mutants. Psylocke and her team, for example, arrested X-Man Bishop for engaging in a forbidden relationship with Marvel Girl.[17] Some time later, Department X was tasked with capturing love criminals Luke and Nezumi Sen. Nezumi revealed that she was pregnant, something for which they did not have a protocol to follow. Psylocke used her psychic powers to confirm the pregnancy, leaving the group shaken by the situation.[241]

Provoking the Blob about his feeling for her

Department X caused the controlled burning of a nearby woodland, giving the X-Men a catastrophe to manage on this fabricated world. Later, while working alone together, Psylocke confronted the Blob about his feelings toward her, offering to erase them, which he refused. Psylocke confronted the Blob at his home where she shared an intimate memory with him.[242][243] Psylocke started to question Department X's activities. As she detained another criminal mutant, she pretended to wipe his memories, being backed by the Blob. They started to share relaxing moments together in secrecy, commiserating over their feelings for one another.[244] With Blob's support, Psylocke released all the trapped love memories of those they had imprisoned, terminating her connection to Department X.[245] When Nate Grey returned all the mutants to their mainstream identities, Psylocke and Blob were together.[246]

Dawn of X

Captain Britain lives again

Much would radically change for Betsy with the establishment of a new mutant nation on the island of Krakoa, where all mutants were granted citizenship. Eventually, she decided to move to the island, after a period living with her family. She learned that, as she returned to her original body, Kwannon's body was not left lifeless. For that reason, Betsy gave up her Psylocke identity, as it had been attached to the image of the woman whose body she stole. Kwannon's return was not the only one that would shock Betsy: through Krakoan Resurrection Protocols, her brother Jamie also came back to the living. Another shadow from Betsy's past was Apocalypse, a member of the Krakoan government, who had a special interest in accessing the Otherworld and sought for Betsy's help. Her brother, Captain Britain, who was aware that the Otherworld faced a crisis, was contacted. The Braddock twins traveled to Avalon, where they were attacked by Morgan Le Fay. Brian fell under Morgan's control, and Betsy reassumed the mantle of Captain Britain after claiming her brother's Amulet of Power.[3]

Captain Britain was brought back to Krakoa by a group assembled by Apocalypse, formed by Rogue, Gambit and Jubilee. They went to the ruins of the Braddock Lighthouse, a beacon to the Otherworld.[247] Unsuccessful, the group returned to Earth, without Brian.[248] Upon their return, the British Crown recognized Betsy as the new Captain Britain and sent Pete Wisdom to recruit her. She extended her position to her colleagues, recreating Excalibur as the official liaison between the UK, Krakoa and the Otherworld. This led Captain Britain to be undermined by a reformulated Coven Akkaba, now an anti-mutant organization with ties to Morgan and the Otherworld. Captain Britain also led Excalibur to protect Britain from being invaded by beasts from the Otherworld, as its barriers were weakened.[13]

As the invasion escalated, Apocalypse completed his ritual to invade Morgan's castle in Camelot. Excalibur realized he had manipulated them to fall into a combat against Morgan, since he planned to pave way for a mutant Captain Britain and a mutant-ruled Avalon. Apocalypse ultimately arranged for the conflict to be solved by a duel of champions for the Kingdom of Avalon: Betsy, for Krakoa, versus Brian, for Morgan. In a brutal fight, the new Captain Britain accidentally slew her brother. Triumphant, Apocalypse appointed Jamie as Avalon's monarch. Betsy also demanded that Jamie resurrect Brian. Though Betsy assumed Brian would step back as Captain Britain, he refused to since he had succumbed to Morgan's influence. Betsy Braddock was now the true and only Captain Britain.[249]

Apocalypse then assigned Excalibur to retrieve Warwolf carcasses to complete a ritual that would allow him to spy on the Starlight Citadel. Excalibur tracked the remaining Warwolves, clashing with Cullen Bloodstone, who had bought the beasts, though the Warwolves were eventually claimed by Excalibur.[250] Excalibur reached the Starlight Citadel, and Betsy earned the immense aversion of its ruler, her former ally Saturnyne.[251] Saturnyne's priestesses fought back, but Excalibur managed to invade the Starlight Citadel where they planted a gateway.[252] In the Starlight Citadel, Saturnyne and Captain Britain discussed the past and the future of the Captain Britain Corps.[253]

Apocalypse's true motivations for opening the gates to the Otherworld were revealed: he wished to be reunited with his wife and children, who long ago had left for the hellish dimension of Amenth with Arakko. Unexpectedly, Apocalypse's children betrayed him and planned to invade and consume Krakoa, being led by Annihilation. Saturnyne, facing an imminent conflict in her dominions, set off a tournament, with ten swords from each land: Krakoa and Arakko. When the prophecy for the tournament was recited, Betsy's name was listed among the Swordbearers of Krakoa.[254] The first phase of the tournament comprised collecting the ten swords, and the three Braddock siblings visited the Starlight Citadel to retrieve Betsy's sword. Saturnyne desired to have Brian back as the champion of a reformed the Captain Britain Corps. Knowing this, Betsy and Brian pretended to fight over Captain Britain's mantle, tricking Saturnyne into crafting the Starlight Sword for Brian after Betsy destroyed the Amulet of Power. Betsy stole the sword and joined the tournament as Captain Britain.[255]

Shattered in pieces

Captain Britain's first and only challenge was against an Arakki opponent, Isca the Unbeaten. Surprisingly, as a result of a spell cast by Saturnyne, Betsy was shattered in pieces in the middle of the battle.[255] Saturnyne intended to recreate the Captain Britain Corps, but when she reassembled Captain Britain's pieces she was horrified to see Betsy instead of Brian as her champion. Her spell brought several alternate versions of Betsy to help the X-Men fight the forces of Amenth.[256]

With the Corps reassembled, Betsy's spirit bounced between realities, ultimately being switched with an alternate version of herself: Queen Elizabeth III.[257] With that reality's Angel's and Kwannon's help, Betsy managed to return to the Othwerworld.[258] At the Braddock Lighthouse, a cloned body created by her brother Jamie was possessed by an unknown usurper, attracting the attention of Excalibur and Psylocke.[259] As her spirit was retrieved by Elspeth Braddock, the Captain Britain Corps sought for Excalibur's help in returning her spirit to her body. As the resurrection ritual performed by Rictor failed, Psylocke set Betsy's spirit free and hunted her mind in Avalon. As the two women met, they finally had the opportunity to talk about their sorrowful connection. As Psylocke offered to host her psyche, Betsy was fully resurrected. Soon after she returned, Excalibur learned her body had been previously possessed by Malice.[14] Betsy and Psylocke, with new found sympathy for Malice's situation, tracked her down on Krakoa and eventually fought her in a telepathic battle that ended with Psylocke killing her by destroying her necklace. They then convinced Xavier to forgive her past crimes and have The Five revive her in a new body so she could have a second chance at life.[260]

Betsy ran into Kwannon again while attending the Hellfire Gala and they greeted each other amicably with no further awkwardness or resentment.[261] Her old enemies with Coven Akkaba, an anti-mutant group who were against her as the new Captain Britain, were their accompanied by Pete Wisdom who explained that in her absence Reuben Brousseau had become an ambassador and convinced the British government to reject Krakoa's sovereignty as a nation and Captain Britain as their hero. Betsy's British citizenship was revoked and With Excalibur no longer welcome in Britain, Rictor had to turn Braddock Lighthouse into Braddock Isle.[31] Now reluctantly accepted by Saturnyne as the champion of Otherwold, Betsy attended a diplomatic meeting of the Fair and Foul courts. Afterwards she was sent by Saturnyne to the Holy Republic of Fae to check on Merlyn who had been acting unusually antagonistic after losing his place at the Starlight Citadel to Saternyne. Taking Rictor with her the two were imprisoned by Merlyn and almost killed having to stage a breakout using their powers. While they were imprisoned he told them that King Arthur was waking up and Merlyn had him in his control.[262] Arriving back at the lighthouse, she encountered Doctor Doom who wanted access to the Otherworld portal, he tried to force his way through using a kidnapped mutant baby to access the portal but she insisted that if he wanted to go to Otherworld he would need Excalibur to guide him. He took them to the Valley of Wailing Mists to pick up something from Castle Le Fay but when they got there the whole castle was missing, the fairies told them it had been shrunken down and sold so they went to the Crooked Market to try and reclaim it. Mad Jim Jaspers himself invited Betsy and Doom to his office and gave him a box containing the shrunken castle in exchange for a favor from Latveria, a deal Betsy was apprehensive about. They were then attacked by an army of Furies sent to kill mutants which they called "Friends of Mordred". Escaping back to earth she discussed with Meggan the possibility of Mordred being a mutant and was gifted the Waters of Otherworld from Le Fay’s scrying pool by Doom as a thank you.[263]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[302]
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Betsy Braddock is a powerful mutant psychic, manifesting a vast and ever-changing set of telepathic and telekinetic abilities throughout the years. In addition to being a psychic, she was also granted Captain Britain powers in different moments of her life.

Telepathy: Betsy developed her mental powers to interact with, affect and manipulate the minds of other sentient beings over long distances.[2] When she makes use of her telepathy a large butterfly-like image is usually cast by her.[16]

  • Psionic Knife: Described as "the focused totality of her psychic powers", by intensely channeling and focusing her psionic powers to her hands, Betsy creates “psychic blades”, razor-sharp edges of pure mental energy which she plunges into the minds of her targets directly. Betsy often uses them to disrupt the neurons of her foes by driving the glowing blade of mental energy into their skulls.[264] It is able to kill.[146]
  • Psionic Blasts: Capable of projecting psionic force bolts which can affect a victim's mind causing them pain, confusion, unconsciousness, or even death.[71]
  • Astral Projection: Ability to project her astral form from her body onto astral planes or the physical plane.[265] On the astral plane, she can mentally create psionic objects and manipulate the aspects of her environment.[6][155] Under the effects of the Crimson Dawn her astral form was normally undetectable.[266]
  • Psionic Shadow: Ability to mask her presence from others. Her abilities can go undetected and are very difficult to track, even by very powerful telepaths such as Shadow King. She can extend these defenses to others around her as well.[172]
  • Telepathic Illusions: Ability to create elaborate illusions to make herself seem to be invisible, look like someone else, or fabricate experiences and events that are not truly happening.[84][22][66][172]
  • Mind Control: Capable of controlling the minds of others.[267]
  • Telepathic Detection: Enhanced psionic senses enable her to track other sentient beings in her immediate vicinity by their unique psionic emanations, especially if they pose a threat to her well-being.[268] She also can scan large areas and track her vicinity,[44] as well as detect the psyches of the inhabitants of a city to learn of their condition.[76]
  • Mental Paralysis: Ability to induce temporary mental and physical paralysis.[269]
  • Mental Amnesia: Can erase any awareness of particular memories or cause total amnesia.[77]
  • Psionic Immunity: After being resurrected by her brother, Jamie, Betsy has been shown to have an immunity to certain psionic attacks such as mind reading[122] and illusions.[270]
  • Precognition: Betsy's psychic abilities originally manifested as precognitive dreams.[2] She was able to predict her brother Brian would be attacked by Lord Hawk[64] and that the Reavers would kill her and her X-Men teammates.[90] It is unknown if this ability remains in the present.

Telekinesis: Ability to psionically manipulate and control the physical aspects of matter, allowing her to move and levitate objects and living beings. Although she can move objects from a distance and fly as other telekinetics do, she has shown little inclination to do either in combat situations. Her telekinesis are described to be robust, in the sense she found that using her telekinesis in forceful ways was easier than in a delicate, fine manner. However, over time she displayed further control over fine matter.

  • Flight: She can personalize her telekinetic abilities in such a way to propel herself through the air at variable speeds.[271]
  • Force Fields: Capable of creating telekinetic shields of all sizes to deflect/decelerate incoming attacks.[119] She can also alter their sizes and strengths.[272]
  • Concussive Blasts: Besides flight and force fields, she can fire telekinetic blasts that are capable of pushing back the X Men and Wolverine
  • Telekinetic Weapons: Betsy's telekinesis has great versatility, as she has used it to construct psionic weapons that damage a target either physically, mentally or both at some point. She showed skill in using creating multiple types of psionic weapons that differ in size and power which she uses in combat.
    • Telekinetic Sword/Katana: Betsy can manifest a telekinetic sword composed of raw psi-energy at will,[273] which at its lowest intensity functions to disrupt neural pathways, and at its highest level, her swords can slice an armored opponent and cut through their armor, but leave the attacker physically unharmed.[274] Her telekinetic manifestations produce visible radiance in the physical world, which can be used as a makeshift light source in areas of darkness. Her telekinetic sword is strong enough to harm other beings more powerful than herself.[275] When in Kwannon's body, her sword usually manifested as a katana.[273] After returning to her original body, she produced a sword more similar to a European knight's sword in its fashion, often used with a telekinetic shield.[235]
    • Telekinetic Crossbow: As of late, Betsy has been showing even more versatility when it comes to her psionic constructs. She has been seen creating psi-bows and arrows.[276]
    • Telekinetic Spiked Flail: She once manifested a psionic spiked flail which she used to destroy a wall.[277]
  • Telekinetically Enhanced Condition: She can use her telekinesis to enhance her speed, strength, agility, and other fighting skills to superhuman levels.[271][119]
  • Telekinetic Invisibility: She showed the ability to use her telekinesis to render herself invisible by modifying her molecular structure.[278]

Reality Anchoring: Betsy's brother, Jamie Braddock, had altered her at a quantum level in order to make her more resilient to the multiversal entity called The First Fallen.[279] His changing of her personal being gave her immunity to magic, psionics, and alterations to the space-time continuum, as well as imperceptibility to similarly empowered beings.[128]

Otherworlder: As a half-Otherworlder, she manifests powers granted by that status.[46]


Master Martial Artist: Originally, Betsy had advanced training as a fighter from S.T.R.I.K.E. As an X-Man, she was taught in combat in constant training sessions with Wolverine and other X-Men. After swapping bodies with Kwannon, she acquired all the fighting knowledge the Asian assassin had, being classified as a master martial artist, though the specific fighting arts she had mastered have never been revealed. Presumably, as a ninja, she is skilled in various ninjutsu techniques. Even though she is known as a ninja and worked for The Hand as one, her fighting skills and techniques far surpass those of the average Hand Ninja[264] or Crimson Dawn Undercloak.[281] Her skills have been said to rival those of a ninja grandmaster (10th Dan level black belt or above).[282] As an Exile, Betsy has also received additional training from Sabretooth[283] and Ogun that vastly developed her skills in this area.[284] She is also very well versed in the use of all ninja weapons, stealth methods, silent movement, infiltration, concealment, escape & evasion, covert methods, ninja espionage, and ninja acrobatics.

Master Telepathic Combatant: As a telepath, Betsy takes advantage of her powers in a fight by reading her opponents' movements seconds before they make them, giving her the opportunity to counter-attack faster.[264] She can also use her telepathy to mask her presence from other people, humans and super-humans alike.[285] She can create telepathic illusions to distract her enemies while fighting them[286] and as a ninja, she uses her psychic knife to incapacitate her opponents without killing them,[264] though she has fewer inhibitions about doing so and will if necessary.[287]

Advanced Telekinetic Combatant: As a telekinetic, she often uses her powers to augment her strength and speed,[271][119] which made her fighting skills so strong that she was able to match and even outmatch other superhumanly strong opponents like a holographic version of Sabretooth in the Danger Room.[271][25]

Trained Pilot: Betsy worked as a charter pilot, being experienced in controlling airplanes.[1] On several occasions, she was tasked of piloting the X-Men Blackbird.[106]

Physical Strength

Betsy possesses the normal human strength of a woman her age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. She can increase her strength by bolstering it with her telekinetic ability.[24]



  • Captain Britain's Uniform: As Captain Britain, Betsy wears a costume that provides her several abilities.[29][11][3] Betsy's uniform appears to be cast only when she is in possession of either the Amulet of Power (currently destroyed) or the Starlight Sword.[15] Betsy's first Captain Britain uniform was originally worn by Kaptain Briton.[48]
    • Flight: Captain Britain has the ability to self propel herself through the air.[29][288]
    • Superhuman Strength: Wearing a Captain Britain uniform, Betsy acquires increased strength.[48] The limits of her strength are not assessed and remain unrevealed.[289] As an example of her augmented strength, she was once able to destroy firearms with her bare hands.[48]
    • Superhuman Durability: As Captain Britain, it seems Betsy manifests enhanced durability.[289] She was able to jump from the top of the Braddock Lighthouse falling several meters to the ground with no injuries.[247] Assuming she manifests similar abilities her brother did when wearing Captain Britain's uniform, it might be assumed this is due to the uniform emitting a surrounding force field over her body.[290]


  • Starlight Sword: To enter the Otherworld contest, as one of the Swordbearers of Krakoa, Betsy tricked Saturnyne into forging the Starlight Sword, a replacement for the Amulet of Right as the conduit of her Captain Britain's powers. The Starlight Sword was crafted from a piece of the Starlight Citadel, made of an unknown material. The wielder of the sword steps into the role of Saturnyne's champion of the Otherworld.[15]
  • Psylocke owned a katana named Shurayuki, that was forged in Japan a thousand years ago and given to her by an unrevealed friend.[12] She used to telekinetically charge her katana with psionic energy.[293] It is unknown if Betsy kept her katana after returning to her original body.


Formerly Krakoan Gateways,[3] X-Men Blackbird, a flying Bentley roadster,[13] Magik,[292] Gateway (from Earth-295), Gateway (from Earth-616) and her former charter plane.[1]


  • Psylocke and Wolverine have shared a psychic bond.[264][294]
  • Psylocke was stated to be the third most powerful telepath on Earth (without counting Stryfe).[19]


  • Creator Chris Claremont once stated that Psylocke was turned Asian for the Acts of Vengeance story arc only, but, after a good response from the audience to Jim Lee's design for Asian Psylocke, he decided to keep going with the redesign.[295]
  • Psylocke originally had her own body transformed into an Asian body rather than having her mind transferred to the body of an Asian woman. X-Men writer Fabian Nicieza declared he misinterpreted the original story during his research, resulting in the creation of Kwannon.[296]
  • Psylocke's return to her original body could have happened many years prior her actual comeback. Writer Chris Claremont intended to have her resurrected in her original body in his X-Treme X-Men series, which ended in 2004, but the editorial staff had several restrictions for characters returning from death back then. This would change a few years later, when Joss Whedon was allowed to resurrect Colossus in Astonishing X-Men, paving way for Claremont to bring Psylocke back, though he kept her in her Asian body.[297]
  • Uncanny X-Force's writer Rick Remender stated in interview that Psylocke's powerset consisted of her being a "burgeoning Omega-level telepath", with no mention of her telekinetic abilities.[298] In his stories, Psylocke was never seen using telekinesis.
  • Curiously, Psyche, the Greek goddess of the soul, is usually portrayed with a butterfly hovering over her head, similar to the butterfly effect Psylocke manifests when using her telepathic powers.[299][300]
  • The name "Psylocke" ([ˈsaɪ.lɑːk] SEYE-lok) is assumed by some fans to be a wordplay with the words "psyche", "key" and "lock". As "psyche" is pronouced as "psy-key", "Psylocke" would be pronounced as "psy-lock".

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