When the High Evolutionary's genetic bomb exploded in Earth's atmosphere, Electro (along with the rest of the planet's superhuman population) mutated further. The initial boost to Psylocke's telepathy allowed her to read the thoughts of everyone around her, and was almost uncontrollable. Now called the "Godlike Ones" this conglomeration of super-beings left Earth to the super-evolved humanity and journeyed out into space. They destroyed mighty space fleets, killed Galactus and his herald, and finally destroyed Death and Eternity, absorbing the facets of their existence to become a single Entity. The Entity then left reality altogether, finding a new dimension where they separated again, forming an entire new universe from the remnants of the Death and Eternity from theirs.


Seemingly those of Betsy Braddock of Earth-616 amplified by the Evolutionary Bomb.

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