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Psylocke was a lone warrior who practiced theft with a cause (a la Robin Hood) to fund her brother's efforts to protect mutantkind. She had the mutant ability to fire psychic knives to incapacitating her opponents from a distance.

She came into direct conflict with Archangel and later with Sabretooth and Mystique. She referred to her brother fighting to help mutants, but did not name him as Captain Britian.[1]



Telepathic powers similar to those of her Earth-616 counterpart's plus the ability to launch her psychic knives. Unlike her Earth-616 counterpart, when using her powers, there was no psionic butterfly aura.


Seemingly those of the Betsy Braddock of Earth-616.


  • Psylocke appears during the fourth season of the X-Men animated series, in the "Beyond Good and Evil" story arc. She was in episode 51 entitled "Promise of Apocalypse", and episode 53, entitled "End and Beginning". She also makes two quick cameos during Season 2, in episode 18 "Repo Man" and episode 24, "Mojovision".


Psylocke has a crush on Cyclops.[citation needed]

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