The past of Psylocke of Earth-9997 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart, but it is unrevealed at which point the two diverge. Prior to the release of the Terrigen Mists into Earth's atmosphere, Betsy was brought into the Siege Perilous by Merlyn and Roma who decided to teach her in the ways of magic and she became their disciple. This would spare her life when the psychic birth of the Skull would cause the death of almost every telepath on Earth.

Betsy was briefly seen when Captain Mar-Vell traveled into the Seige with Captain America, Medusa, Black Knight, and King Britain to seek the book of Darkhold. Betsy was also later in attendance at her brother's wedding to Medusa. Later on, she assisted Dr. Strange and Merlin with her brother, Medusa, Black Knight and Ransak the Reject's battle against Mephisto and the Deviants, which ended in Mephisto's death after he was stabbed by Excalibur. Following the victory, Merlin convinced Dr. Strange to take Betsy on as his new apprentice.


Seemingly those of Elizabeth Braddock of Earth-616, however at this present time the full extent of her powers, and her aptitude with magic thanks to Merlin and Roma's continued training remains unrevealed. She permanently has a telekenetic "butterfly" around her face, if this is a reflection enhanced psychic abilities or just for appearances remains to be revealed.

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