In the 1980s, Psylocke was working as assistant of Caliban, a mutant who has the ability to locate other mutants. She was present when Mystique and Nightcrawler met Caliban.

Later, Apocalypse and Storm seek out Caliban so he could lead them to other powerful mutants who could serve as his Horsemen. En Sabah Nur makes Caliban's psychic enforcer Psylocke his second Horseman. Psylocke would then accompany the two, and after they recruit Angel and Magneto.


See Elizabeth Braddock (Earth-616)#Powers

  • Psionic Augmentation: Braddock's psychic abilities were vastly augmented by Apocalypse.
    • Telekinetic Constructs: Psylocke's natural ability to erect psionic instruments had been bolstered to a greater degree, her TK Sword is potent enough to cleave cars in half.
    • Telekinetically Enhanced Condition: Can augment her physical combat ability to a superhuman degree. Showing remarkable reflexes, strength and agility.

  • Munn was initially offered the role of Vanessa in the film Deadpool, but she was disinterested in playing the role of the girlfriend. However, Kinberg wanted her to have a role in the X-Men film universe so much that he and director Bryan Singer approached her with the role of Psylocke a few weeks later.

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