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On Earth-TRN904 James Braddock ascended to the throne of England as King James III. He was eventually succeeded as the ruling monarch by his daughter Queen Elizabeth III. Together, their line has made England the safest nation in the world for mutants, both naturally born and those who had immigrated there. Being of Braddock descent, Queen Elizabeth also doubled as the Captain Britain of her reality, being a member of the reborn Captain Britain Corps. Beloved by the people, she was in a romantic relationship with Angel, which they had to keep secret for political reasons. On the urging of Prime Minister Wisdom the Queen had prepared an emergency protocol in case a fellow Corps member from another reality should take her place, which came in extremely handy when that exact thing had happened and her body was temporarily occupied by Betsy Braddock of Earth-616.[1]

Following the instruction left by Queen Elizabeth, Betsy-616 successfully departed to her home reality, which returned the Queen to her own body as well. Queen Elizabeth was later seen among the Captain Britain Corps proceeding that appealed to Saturnyne in the Starlight Citadel on Otherworld.[2]

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